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Boxing: Boxing: Tapia Has Got Some Fights Left in Him

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posted on May, 24 2003 @ 01:24 AM
Albuquerque Journal - May 22, 2003

Return Bout May Come in August BOXING

After mulling it over for months, Johnny Tapia has decided to box again -- but only a few more times.

Tapia (52-3-2), a five-time world champion, has not fought since Nov. 1, when he lost a unanimous decision to Marco Antonio Barrera at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev.

Tapia, who has long battled a drug problem, was hospitalized and was on life support in January for what is believed to be an overdose.

Since then, Tapia has said he was uncertain if he would fight again.

''this something he's been thinking about,'' said Teresa Tapia, Johnny's wife who also serves as manager. ''He's decided he wants to go ahead and fight. He has a plan in his mind where he'll have a few fights and then retire.''

Arrangements are not set for Tapia's return to the ring, but he has negotiated with Showtime for a pay-per-view package that probably would include his last fights. The first one would be scheduled for late summer, maybe in August, Teresa said.

''It would be a 12-round, non-title fight,'' Teresa explained. ''He might fight for another title later.''

The site for Tapia's return to the ring has not been set, but during a recent visit to Albuquerque he said that he wanted to fight in his hometown, if he fought again.

Tapia has been fighting at 126 pounds but has topped 150 pounds during his time off. The weight class for his return has not been decided.

Teresa confirmed that Freddie Roach would be Tapia's trainer. Roach has worked with Tapia several times, but so have several other trainers.

TAPIA: Has not fought since Nov. 1

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 08:00 AM
In the papers over the weekend, Naz has said he wants to fight Tapia. No surprise as they guy cant be anywhere near at his best so Naz might actually have a chance of winning! What made me laugh was in the same article he said he wants to fight Barrera again. Yeah right keep dreaming!


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