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Electronic Brain Control and nano-Technologies :

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posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 05:51 AM
this is a extract of a mail I received from a someone I know, who have been victimized and harassed by the CIA for 25 years, with mind-control experiments projects


With mind-reading technology(4)comes the possibility of actually conditioning thought, insofar as particular thought can be identified. Thought conditioning (via objective verbal behavior or ordinary speech or objective use of skills such as reading and arithmetic) has long been documented. Even individual words can be conditioned by associating them with positive or negative reinforcement, that is pleasure or pain in broad terms. The reinforcement can be another verbalm stimulus with positive or negative connotations. These associations can occur and be artificially generated at the neural level as well, by ESB (electronic stimulation of the brain)(5).Giurgea showed a conditioned response of paw flexing in a dog after repeatedly coupling stimulation to 2 points of the cortex, visual and motor. This motor response could thereafter be evoked by simple stimulation of the visual area. Verbal behavior can be similarly conditioned. Radioisotopes are now one tool in this research. Radioisotopes have been used as tracers in MRI scans which localize the cells activated in a particular thought by radioactive tagging. The CIA applies this scanning method(albeit using microtechnology not MRI) to non-peacetime applications such as the suppression of particular thought and actual damage to cells in which a particular thought originates. CIA personnel or collaborators administer radioisotopes (often with long half-lives, though short will suffice) to a subject orally, either propelled through air by nuclear energy or ingested in food or meds. Once the radioisotope enters the bloodstream, it will naturally pass through the brain. Blood flow enters,in a large quantity, any cells activated by utilization (in the brain or any organ). When radioactivity is present, it enters any brain area under utilization. Thus, the area utilized can be radioactively "tagged" or identified. If a substance with a long half-life is used, the "tagging" can remain in the brain indefinitely (and is certainly a potential carcinogen - an issue not addressed in its mind control application). When this tagging remains, the particular brain zone it identifies can be zapped again and again by an energy source, usually from external micro-chips (carried by perps), or ingested nano-chips radiating to the brain from within the digestive tract. (these are not brain implants in these cases, but relay radiation to the brain from a shielded source in the nano-chip). At least some of these nano-chips are eliminated by ordinary digestive processes over time, but radioisotopes with long half-lives remain in the body destructively with only partial elimination. Mind-reading can be interfaced with such a nano-chip programmed to load a radioisotope into a particular anatomical target, in this case, brain cells. Thus, when a particular thought comes up, the cells activated are "tagged".They can then be zapped again and again by equipment which senses this radioactive brain activity in a purely physical electromagnetic sense without any frills, and usually works to obliterate it. These nano-chips can be used to condition particular thoughts and concepts as well. Mind-reading can also be used with a thought-scan program based on content analysis to determine when a person is thinking of somehting in particular.This could be a political concept or figure, or an ethical belief system, such as guilt, for example. The CIA may often wish to suppress guilt in its operatives (formerly done under hypnosis) and those cooperating with them. When their guilt thought structures are activated, zapping can occur to suppress brain actviity (changing the electrical pattern in the brain by this alien energy) until the person moves to another topic. Thus, persons working with the CIA may not experience guilt in many of the things they do, e.g., in the harassment of mind control victims. These CIA workers are controlled with nano-chips themselves (ingested in food or meds) and often with more obvious reinforcements such as money. These nano-chips can be even more devastating used on children, who are a "tabla rasa" with no world-concepts at all. The CIA can zap any forming conceptualization and neutralize it completely.This is being done in the area of sex-related behavior and is also being applied to reducing mental acuity in female children (purportedly to "feminize"them , but perhaps actually to gain a large pool of experimental subjects in early developmental stages). It is completely erroneous to assume that the CIA is a group of respectable "social engineers" a la B.F.Skinner, and put in a position of trust.They have a history of corruption and sexism,including prostitution,. Decisions on sexual and cognitive development should not be left to them, particularly when they are the masters of such a quasi-omnipotent technology. Because of their radioactive charge, these nano-materials can be identified perceptually or mechanically. Forewarned is forearmed - knowledge of these methods may lead to solutions and strategies impossible without such knowledge.

1) Amall, Alexander, "Future Technologies, Today's Choi ces" multimediafiles/live/fullreport/5886.pdf 2)Graillett, Guillaume,"Gros Paris Sur L'Infiniment Petit", L'Express, 6/11/2003 www.L' 3) Jantz et al, ":Radioisotope Power Cells" US Patent # 5,396,141 see US Patent Office website. 4) McMurtrey, John, "Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence", 2003. 5)Verron, Henri, "Introduction Biologique aux Sciences de L'Homme", Hachette, 1989 ( a life science overview with early thought-conditioning) Pardon the French references folks, but I was zapped out of English language libraries. I'll try to supply them later.

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 06:26 AM
Very interesting, as well as frightening!

I don't know where you find this stuff, but if there is more I would like to see it.

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 06:39 AM
This is a part of a mail I received from a someone I've meet while doing my investigations about mind-control harrassement CIA (and probably other secret sevices groups worldwide) experiments.

I have been victimized by electronic mind-control for many years, you know.

i will tell you more about that when I'll have some time.

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 07:15 AM
You have been? Do you participate in activist activity with mobs of people?

Have you ever researched psychic protection mechanisms? They could come in handy.

posted on Dec, 4 2003 @ 01:06 AM
This reminds me of Dr. Jose Delgado who supposedly planted
electrodes in the brain of a bull.
He was then able to start and stop the bull like a remote control toy.
Also he has proposed that the same thing should be done to humans as well for the benefit of us all (?).
He has argued that the idea of us having an independent mind of our own (that is free will) is merely an illusion.

He has also supposedly worked for the CIA on a mind control
project using implants in brains.
But what do you expect from this real life mad scientist?
An interesting character who seems like something out of a third rate sci fi movie.
The academic world however does not seem to take him seriously or give him any high regard.
Hmmm wonder why.

posted on Dec, 4 2003 @ 01:33 PM
it would be nice if i could read that. i cant sadly, because its all one big block of text. my eyes wander.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:57 AM
i have an interesting question so anyone feel free to chime in. what would/could it mean if has the most implants and isnt givin up their will? since this is the matrix here and somebody gotta be somebody who would that somebody be? would they be "Nano-Mite!?" lol. but seriously....?

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:15 AM
I am a victim for at least 17 years, and i always thought the person they used to destroy my life was also a mind controlled person. The person absolutely wrecked my life for no reason what so ever, and i suspected that they must have used her too to destroy me.

That people can be so cold that they would absolutely want to wreck a person and there families life for nothing, is beyond my comprehension.

The thing also is i doubt she even knew was was doing what they wanted, until recently, she probably knows now, that she was being controlled to do it.

Gang stalking phenomenon is highly probably due to mind control techs, and people i have found believed anything and would just jump on the band wagon, though if they where thinking straight they would of known what she was doing, was very stupid, and there must of been something wrong with her, for her to do what she did and to goto the lengths she went to.

The weird thing is that she laughed at me, thinking i was the only one being controlled, but in fact she was highly likely to being controlled too. Oh the irony. I just wonder without mind control, would she have done what she did, and would other gang stalkers do what they do.

Thats the thing is we will never know. But i do know that what ever i tried or wanted in life would of been destroyed by these people, and they seem to love it. They wanted me to be living on the streets, which thankfully did not happen, but to say the last 17 and a half years has been hell is such an understatement.

The world is full of irony, and like i said she laughed that she did all this stuff to me, and she knew that i was being mind controlled, but the irony was that she was probably being controlled too, without her knowledge. At least i knew about it, and i think thats why they destroyed my life so badly.

I think if your a victim of mind control and you do not realise that like 99% probably, they leave you to live your life.

I just think of the irony is that she thought she had this power over my life, and she did not really, there was someone controlling her to do it.

At least after 17 years she maybe understands that she was being mind controlled too.

So i think the op is right, i think the gang stalkers, even though they enjoy the thrill of destroying people, they are probably being programmed to do it too. Why they never question if they are too being controlled, is beyond me.

But to the scum and this person who did this to me, thx for being such scum and showing me the absolute scum that humans are. I certainly learned alot about people, having my life thrown in the gutter.

[edit on 10/7/2009 by andy1033]

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:19 PM
the dominos have to end. if bob is controlled by bill and bill is controlled by andy and andy is controlled by john.... you see where im going with this? i mean, is there a finger to point at all of this? does this all stem from mis conceptions? if et's or whoever started this whole mind control, are they to blame? who's controlling them and whos controlling them? wtf is goin on people?

i mean should we all be pointing the finger at ourselves?
that dosent sound right either. we all been conditioned for something, right? that dosent mean we cant change our own destiny. was i conditioned to believe in an all fearing god and somehow forfeit my individuality? or am i being conditioned to denounce jesus if jesus is the way? people been playing god with me my whole life. its not about just me, i know we are all in this together. we aint playing with a full deck, atleast not in the "beginning" of our lives. we all been deceived and i wish i knew how deep the wabbit hole goes. maybe we shouldnt even be in the hole.

we're conditioned to believe the team we play on is the "good" team and who gives a phuck about anyone else. i ponder on this alot about "teams". and im not gonna join a team because i like the god damn jerseys or i'll get to play with so and so. sorry for the bad analogy, lol. we all need to teach eachother because thats the only way we'll ever learn.
the teacher is the student and the student is the teacher. i shouldnt care about spooks following me, i shouldnt care about big brother or lil brother always listenin in. i have nothing to hide. (not anymore, lol)

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:35 PM
There's a chip in the side of my head or something, by my ear. Its like a little flap or something. Either way I think I broke it a while ago. Or something, the CIA has no control of this guy. Hehe

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by Commando717

i have a question for you commando, what do you think it means if you, (in general) had the most?

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 11:18 AM
We need to talk. Send someone to pick me up.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by Commando717
There's a chip in the side of my head or something, by my ear. Its like a little flap or something. Either way I think I broke it a while ago. Or something, the CIA has no control of this guy. Hehe

yeah untill they send more spooks, lol.

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