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Football: England and Mclaren

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 03:33 PM
What has happened to us?

Sven didnt exactly set the world alight while he was manager but he got us into 3 quarter finals. Not exactly what we was looking for but his record wasnt that bad in non competitive games lol.

So they get rid of him and in steps Sven's no2 Mclaren. He drops Beckham, our only dead ball specialist and better crosser of the ball. He switches the formation about and gains 1 point from 6 from teams we should be beating. Against Croatia yesterday we was poor, we have what 3 of the best center-halves in the world in Carragher, Terry and Ferdinand and they was terrible. He plays Neville and Cole in wide positions and we was getting ripped apart. We showed our best stuff when he brings on 2 real wide players in Wright-Phillips and Richardson.

What is it with England managers? Can they not see past their own noses? They get to pick from the creme of English players and we have some of the best players in the world, well thats what the critics say. But after the performances in the World Cup and now in the Euro Qualifiers, we are looking like a sunday league side.

England have always had a quality player in midfield, a show stopper, someone with skill to get past players with ease. People like Gazza, Brooking, Beardsley, John Barnes and now we have none. They is no one with creativity in midfield, no more Gazza, so wheres our Ronaldinhio? We have players like Lampard, Gerrard, Carrick ect, all basically the same type of players. They can get from box to box and keep grafting and running all game, but lack in real skill. When did you last see the flowing moves, the silky skills, magical moments that stay in your mind forever? Someone who could turn a game on its head and do the unexpected? Not for a very long time, we lack in creativity and turned into a one dimensional team. Hitting the ball to a 6ft 7 guy up front in hope he can keep hold of the ball and wait untill the midfielders can steam forward.

So when you look at the big picture and players in the Premier league, most of the real skillfull players are from different countries. We have just average players in abilitly and seem to have taken a step backwards and it doesnt help by having poor managers who seem to be short-sighted.


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