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Football: mad chairman LOL

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 04:36 PM

i read this in the paper. there was a chairman in moldova and his team got a penalty given against them. he then jumped on a jeep and drove at officals. i aint sure if he tried knock them down or not but he got a season ban.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 04:39 PM
The president of a soccer club in Moldova has been fined after jumping into his jeep and trying to run over a referee who awarded a penalty against his team.

Mikhail Makayev, president of the first division side Roso, was fined the equivalent of $A2,500 for the incident in a match against Poitekhnik.

Makayev drove the car after the astonished referee for several minutes until the latter climbed up into the stands.

The match was abandoned in the first half and Poitekhnik awarded an automatic 3-0 win.

What a lunatic!! :angry-smiley-034:


posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 04:41 PM
Thats mad lol!

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 04:44 PM
thanks PA for digging up the article

i wonder how long he would have drove after the ref for if he didnt escape. some people are just bad losers :sport-smiley-019:

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 06:14 PM
Hey PA, I think Parcells might be the next to try this out.

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