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Football: Ghadaffi

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posted on Jun, 21 2003 @ 06:37 PM
El Saadi Ghadaffi, son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Ghadaffi, will sign a one-year contract with Serie A club Perugia on June 29.

Originally Ghadaffi had been expected to attend the pre-season training camp in July before a decision would be made but now he has decided to sign the deal on June 29.

"Saadi Al Ghadaffi, who will tomorrow be representing his national team of Libya of whom he is captain against Congo, has officially announced that he will be at Perugia on June 29 to sign the contract and to be officially presented," said Perugia on their website on Saturday.

Ghadaffi has requested the number 19 jersey although the reasons for that choice have not been disclosed.

Last week Ghadaffi struck a deal with Perugia president Luciano Gaucci and coach Serse Cosmi to play for the Umbrian outfit and insisted that he wanted to be treated like any other player.


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