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WWE: Tazz's Role @ ECW PPV; Huge Backstage Story Inside

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 01:49 PM

As we reported last night, Rob Van Dam revealed on "The LAW" radio show out of Canada, that "the voice of ECW" Joey Styles would be working the upcoming June "One Night Stand" pay-per view.

There was a lot of worry at first that he wouldn't accept the booking, which would really hurt the show because of the fact that his voice and their product are so tied together, it'd really be hard for anyone else to step in and try and call the action, and still have the brand "remain true to what ECW was," as WWE was originally trying to do with this show.

There was also some worry at first that WWE wouldn't extend the offer to Styles, due to the fact that during his role as announcer in ECW he would constantly bash the WWE product, as well as on the internet even currently, on his website

Everything is in black and white now, and Joey Styles will be calling the action in June for the ECW "One Night Stand" PPV. In addition to that, his announcer partner will be none other than "The Human Suplex Machine" Tazz! Tazz will indeed be doing the commentary with Styles, as the two did in ECW when Tazz returned from his broken neck.

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