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WWE: More On JBL's Promo, Hulk Hogan, ECW DVD News, More

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 05:27 AM
Source: PWInsider

Dave Waknuk sent the following in regard to the SmackDown taping in Edmonton this past Tuesday....I'm the last guy to defend JBL but his 'ECW' promo was not as bad as some people made it sound. From what I heard, he never said the word "sl**" but did say that the only thing Meanie was famous for was marrying a porn star. He also said that the only thing Lance Storm could draw was unemployment and took a swipe at his training school. The only other part that was edited off was when JBL called Nunzio "Little Guido". Most of the reports on the site make it sound like a bunch was edited off of the show, when in reality, only about 4-5 sentences were removed.

The Tewksbury Advocate features an article looking at Hulk Hogan's charity signing which took place last weekend in Massachusetts. The article, goes into Hogan's career and noted that some fans waited overnight to meet Hogan.

WWE's Steven Richards and Nunzio will be hosting wrestling seminars with the Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, New Jersey. Richards' seminar will be July 20 while Nunzio's will be August 25.

For those of you in the United Kingdom, the ECW One Night Stand will be released on DVD on July 10.

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