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WWE: Backstage Reactions To JBL’s ECW Promo; Smackdown Editing

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 05:22 AM

-- The promo by JBL on Smackdown last night was cut down quite a bit from it’s original version. Originally, it included more Paul Heyman jabs, and a line about The Blue Meanie marrying a porn star.

-- The promo was designed by Bryan Gerwitz, who has had personal issues with Heyman in the past. Some wrestlers backstage wondered how the promo was supposed to build up ECW, rather than just take shots at Heyman.

-- Smackdown's editing really cleaned up the promo and changed it from a outright burial of ECW into something less negative that felt more like a heel trying to get heat. We should be thankful they cleaned it up. The TV version and the live version were night and day."

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