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WWE: Backstage SD! Taping News, Puder/WWE, ECW PPV Tickets, More

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:33 PM

Today's "Edmonton Sun" has an article about last night's SmackDown! taping in the area, referring to pro wrestling as the best reality TV there is today. The article is available online, featuring comments from WWE champion John Cena, at

Many have asked about the status of the WWE Tough Enough $1,000,000 winner Daniel Puder. He's been in their developmental territory OVW down in Loisville, Kentucky training. At this point there are no plans to bring Puder to the main roster. His attitude is said to be a major negative against him lately. There has been some small discussions about letting Puder fight mixed-martial arts (UFC, PRIDE, etc.) as a way to incorporate that into a WWE storyline for his character down the line.

The ECW "One Night Stand" PPV ticket listing on has apparently disappeared. We haven't been told if it's because the show is sold out, but it appears to be an error on their part.

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