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WWE: Samoa Joe & Others To TNA, TV Deal News, CM Punk/WWE, More

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 04:12 PM
Samoa Joe, Jushin Liger, and Bryan Danielson have all been talked about recently as being brought into TNA. TNA management originally wanted Liger to come in and face Christopher Daniels at the Slammiversary PPV but there was a conflict with his New Japan schedule. If the three of these guys come in, this could be a major boost for TNA and it's current top names.

Both WGN and Spike TV are still both possibilities as far as TNA's TV deal is concerned. TNA really wants Spike TV as WGN is not viewable in most of the Northeast and many other locations. We actually expect a big announcement in the next few weeks.

CM Punk is being looked at by both WWE and TNA. He hasn't signed a deal with either yet.

Source: PWInsider


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