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WWE: TNA News & Notes: Ortiz Update, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, & More

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 03:41 PM

Tito Ortiz, who reportedly made $5,000 for his one-time appearance in TNA as special guest referee at the Hard Justice PPV for the A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett main-event title match, apparently has interest in working with the company in the future. As it happens, TNA has shown interest in using Ortiz again in the future, even hoping he'll eventually work a match for the company.

The former UFC star Ortiz apparently had a great time at the show, as sources claim he was glued to a monitor backstage throughout the pay-per view, watching the show like everyone else.

TNA is coming out with some new DVD releases. Coming soon will be the "Best of Jeff Hardy" and Destination X PPV DVDs. Those are expected to go to press for duplication sometime next week.

Speaking of DVDs, "Phenomenal: The Best of A.J. Styles" is currently one of TNA's top-selling DVDs and is available for immediate shipping. For more information, including a full match listing for the DVD - visit

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