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WWE: Huge Details On Matt Hardy Signing With Ring Of Honor

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:49 PM
The Ring of Honor website is reporting that they are in negotiations with former WWE star Matt Hardy regarding signing a deal for wrestling at ROH events. The following is from the Ring of Honor website:

'ROH officials are currently in negotiations with Matt Hardy about wrestling on ROH events. Hardy told ROH officials that he is a fan of the product and would love to come in and wrestle the ROH style'

According to several sources, you can expect Hardy to be wrestling at ROH events as soon as he has completed the 90 day release clause on his WWE contract. It has also been said that he may make a non-wrestling appearance on an ROH show as he is doing for Jersey All Pro Wrestling or he may debut for the company in a promo or vignette sent in to be included on the ROH DVD before it is released.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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