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WWE: Huge TNA Update: Rhodes Done, New VP, Big Spike TV Update

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posted on Apr, 19 2005 @ 01:04 PM
Many of the guys in the back are lead to believe that sooner or later, Dusty Rhodes will be removed as head booker in TNA. When the split comes, it is expected to be a mutual agreement on both sides as Rhodes is not happy already about some of his idea's being scrapped. One of the main complaints many of the guys have had is that they will submit idea's and Dusty will put them aside and do only what he wants. A lot of Rhodes' ideas were taken out of the equation at the last Impact! taping.

There are no TNA dates scheduled past June but an announcement for a July PPV is said to be coming soon.

Sonjay Dutt, who's contract expired several months ago, will be returning in the near future. There is a new emphasis on the X division and his return should do nothing but help it.

A big topic this past week was a new Vice President for TNA by the name of Frank Dickerson. He is said to have been a major player in Panda energy and has a strong background on legal issues. Many feel that bringing him on board is a big step to putting TNA on the map.

TNA is really hoping to work some sort of deal with Spike TV although that doesn't look all that likely right now. They are going with WGN as a backup plan. Several people feel the presentation to Spike several weeks ago went very well while others are just waiting to see what happens.

Lockdown will be an annual yearly event.

The Best of Raven DVD will be released this week.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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