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WWE: WWE News - Stephanie McMahon, WWE/Japan, Matt Hardy and more

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posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 03:59 PM
Stephanie McMahon was scheduled to make her first trip to Ohio Valley Wrestling but cancelled it. She also wasn't at the Smackdown tapings yesterday. John Laurinaitis, Ted DiBiase, Ed Koskey, David Lagana and Brian Gewirtz have gone though and they will observing the progress of the wrestlers.

WWE will be holding Raw and Smackdown tapings in Japan like earlier this year. These tapings will take place on July 1st and July 2nd.

Fans have set up a petition to bring back Matt Hardy to WWE and/or show their support for one of the most beloved WWE personalities of the last few years. As of this typing, it has 788 signatures.

Last week's edition of WWE Experience did an 0.8 rating and Sunday Night Heat did an 0.9. These numbers are a bit higher than usual.



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