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WWE: SmackDown! News, Stephanie McMahon, Hogan/MTV, More

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 04:21 PM

The main-event at tonight's WWE SmackDown taping in Chicago is Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero in the SmackDown title tournament for a shot at champion John Cena, as announced on their show last week.

Stephanie McMahon is going to the OVW tapings tomorrow night, which definitely adds pressure and incentives for everyone in that company. The pressures have taken on added meaning recently, with a lot of the cuts made this week.

The MTV Cribs episode with Hulk Hogan will air on a repeat tonight on MTV at 8:00PM.

Dusty Rhodes will be on The Best Damn Sports Show Period on FOX Sports Net tomorrow night to promote his book.


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