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WWE: Torrie Wilson/John Cena; WrestleMania Revenge; & More WWE News

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 05:04 PM
WWE announced today that it has handed over responsibility for its WWE Programming Distribution in the German Language to Goa Geneva Trading. Goa plans to expand the German WWE Market by expanding into the Asian market with botht he Raw and Smackdown brands.

Yesterday (Friday the 8th) was a huge day for wrestling in Melbourne with the John Cena/Torrie Wilson signing session at Highpoint Shopping Centre in the afternoon, the WrestleMania Revenge Tour show in the evening (which was great by the way). I got there about one and a half hours before they were scheduled to arrive thinking I'd be amongst the first but boy was I wrong- there were hundreds of people there (and I reckon by 3:00 there were close to a thousand people there to see them!). I have never seen Highpoint that packed in my life. The whole bottom floor was packed with us lining up (they originally had to line us up in the car park and then move us to center stage when they arrived) and the 2nd and 3rd floors were packed with people looking on, trying to get a glimpse of Cena and Torrie. Torrie and John were GREAT. They shook hands, hugged and kissed with anyone who wanted to and were smiling the entire time.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Highpoint was more packed and louder than I've ever seen it. I'm sure they wouldn't have made it through everybody (as they only were there for two hours) but I got to meet them so that's all that matters
. Good to see WWE has such a big fanbase down here and hopefully we will soon be the next International country to get TV tapings here, following in the footsteps of Japan and England.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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