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WWE: Shane McMahon Speaks On Batista, Cena, HBK, Christy, & More

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:37 AM
-- Shane McMahon appeared on Good Day New York this morning with newscaster Jim Ryan, sitting in a green screen ring.

When Shane is asked about WrestleMania 21, he says that WrestleMania is synonymous with great events. There's the World Series Academy Awards and Mania.

Jim Ryan asks Shane to comment about certain wrestlers. As Shane talks about each there is a video shown featuring clip of each wrestler:

John Cena: mentions that he has an album due out May 10 & a movie due out end of August. He's fighting JBL for title.

Batista: something out of Greek mythology & GQ magazine. Has the impossible task of beating 10 time champ HHH.

The Undertaker: 12-0 at WM with Randy Orton trying to knock him off his perch.

Shawn Michaels: Excitement is best adjective to describe one of the most decorated WWE superstars. Faces only gold medal athlete in WWE Kurt Angle.

Christy Hemme: current Playboy cover girl faces Women's champ Trish Stratus. Jim Ryan comments that Christy is the only wrestler he'd like to face & Shane offers to set the match up.

They close with a sell for WM 21. The whole interview was about 3 minutes.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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