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Bush Family ties to China: a new chapter

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posted on Nov, 28 2003 @ 09:38 AM
A leaked court transcript published in US newspapers on Tuesday includes details of Neil Bush's consultancy contract signed in August last year with a computer chip firm, Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing of Shanghai, whose main investors include Jiang Mianheng, son of Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese president, who held a summit with President Bush in Texas in October last year and who remains chairman of China's powerful Central Military Commission.

The consultancy was proposed by Winston Wong, a founder of Grace Semiconductor who is the son of Wang Yung-ching, founder of Taiwan's biggest business group, Formosa Plastics. Mr Wong had been an investor since 2000 in an Austin, Texas, company started by Neil Bush to provide internet learning programs.

Under the contract, Neil Bush, 48, is to receive $US2 million worth of Grace Semiconductor preferred stock paid in annual instalments of $US400,000 over five years, in return for providing the company "from time to time with business strategies and policies; latest information and trends of the related industry, and other expertised advices".

In a deposition filed with the Houston court in March, a lawyer asked Neil Bush: "You have absolutely no educational background in semiconductors, do you?" "That's correct," Mr Bush said.

DOn't forget CIA Spook-in-Charge, Poppa Bush being a "diplomat" to China under Nixon.
Or Uncle Prescott:
He was criticized in 1989 for visiting China to meet with business and government leaders just three months after the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which army troops fired at pro-democracy demonstrators.
His Shanghai partnership with the Japanese firm Aoki in 1988 proved embarrassing when revelations surfaced that Aoki at the same time was allegedly trying to get business contracts by bribing Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega, whom the first President Bush later ousted from power.
His connections to an American firm, Asset Management, came into question in 1989, when the company was the only U.S. firm able to skirt U.S. sanctions and import communications satellites into China.
When Asset Management went bankrupt later that year, Bush's deal to arrange a buyout through West Tsusho, a Japanese investment firm, raised eyebrows. Newspapers reported that Japanese police were investigating West Tsusho's alleged ties to organized crime.

And don't forget Prescott being in China, negotiating business deals with the Chinese President, while our plane & it's crew were held hostage by the CHICOM.

Family values, morals, patriotism...Bushes? If it's good for business.

posted on Nov, 28 2003 @ 03:56 PM
Very observant of you BT.

Does every President have to have a "idiot" brother? forgot to mention Neil's "exploits" and divorce....

Also....speaking of the much kickbacks did the previous administration get from them? Seems to me that $2,000,000 is "chump-change"? IMHO, "comparing", in this situation is like comparing the smell of crap with matter if its the Clintons or the Bush's, they are doing business with a country that has knowing been trying to disrupt this country.....and thats not good.
Politics is amounting to nothing that benefits the people....its amounting to who can throw the largest pile of #.


[Edited on 28-11-2003 by Seekerof]

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 08:47 AM
Even in that comparison, we are talking Chinese American corporate lobbyists versus direct to the vein Communist China via the Bush Clan.

Father, Uncle, Brothers and GWB himself. While it was never connected in the media, why did the Nuke plans get stolen from a base that a BUSH had the security contract to protect, and tested during a BUSH presidency? All the time Prescott was there in Beijing?

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