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Loose the weight...

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posted on Nov, 20 2003 @ 02:59 PM
RATED 16 for sexual content

A fat guy, lets say his name is John, runs into his friend who used to be fat but now looks damn good. Surprised he asks him: "How did you loose weight so fast?" The friend says "well, there is this place downtown with a fantastic workout program, but I have to warn you, its not a usual work out" . John decides to see whats it all about.
He goes there, walks in, a lady aproaches him and says " normal, medium or fast weight loss?".
John says "i’ll start with normal".
The lady says: "this door then, please".
John walks in and a beutiful blonde half naked says to him : " catch me and you get one hour with me for free". John spends an hour running, trying to catch her, does it in the end, and leaves the house very happy an hour later. He decides to do it again tomorow.
He goes there and asks for medium weight loss. He walks into the room and sees 2 hot blondes naked, one of them says "catch us and you get 2 hours with us for free". John says " wow, if thats the medium, I think I’ll take the fast weight loss now".
"Very well", says the lady in charge, "first door to your right".
John all excited and hard opens the door, and sees a huge naked black GUY, who says to John "I catch you and I get 3 hours with you... RUN BIATCH!"


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