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US may possibly give control of troops to NATO.....Developing...

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posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 08:41 PM
Link is below....I personally am gonna laugh my ass off when I see a foreign entity other than the US in Iraq still getting hit by terrorist attacks. opefully France and Germany. Now I don't wish harm on anyone, but the French thinking this is just a US issue is out of their minds.

But I think if a international force is sent into Iraq and terrorist actions continue it will just go to show that it's not about the US only, it's these extremist Muslims vs anyone who doesnt agree with their idealogy.

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 08:43 PM

difficult to disagree with you.

I can see this happen as Bush readies to win the next election.

then NATO screws up, as they will, and the US has to step back in.

good plan.

how about even handing it over to the UN?

they will drop the ball even faster.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 11:25 AM
Um Dreamz.....


France, who was AGAINST our entry into Iraq (fopr thier own reasons, of course), has every right to tell Bush to go # himself. Why should they go into Iraq?

France did not create the mess in Iraq. They tried to prevent our entry. Thus, they have every right NOT to spend thier blood and money on a mess created by idiot US politicians and generals, poor planning, and pointlessness.

This is OUR mess, not thiers. WE #ed this show up, not them. Thus........

sending NATO in, an organization that should have been dismantled long ago anyway, is pretty stupid.

This is not thier war.

In the years before and after 9/11, I have not seen evil crazy Muslims hiding around every corner waiting to blow me up. I seen em in Saudi, a country we are supposed to be allied with. Why are we not blowing THEM to smithereens?

Because thier govornment is obiedient to our wishes, and we obey thiers.

Money talks. And elected by the supreme court.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by Dreamz
Link is below....I personally am gonna laugh my ass off when I see a foreign entity other than the US in Iraq still getting hit by terrorist attacks.

What about the Polish, Italians, British, Ukranian, Spanish and other foreign troops that have already been hit by terrorist attacks in Iraq?

It's not merely a US war as some would have you believe. There are already 27 countries who have sent troops to Iraq.

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 12:37 PM
You break it, you buy it.

Any soldiers being killed should be in the Coalition of the Weinies. Er, Willing.

They unilaterally went in and they are the ones who should pay the price if there is a price to be paid.

And look at how many multi-national troops are getting killed. More Americans by far than any other country.

Oh and FYI, the British pretty much have things under control in the South, and they walk around in fatigues, no kevlar, no helmets, and no machineguns. They have more experience dealing with insurgents, and they know more about the world in general so as not to piss off the locals by their lack of knowledge of other cultures.


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