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has anyone noticed how UFO's mainly appear after WW2 alot more than b4 in history?

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posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 06:23 AM
has anyone noticed how UFO's mainly appear after WW2 alot more than b4 in history?

also what happened in the antartic in 1946 i think when USA sent a big military force there???

and nazi u-boats still being found like 1 an half years later?

is there a secret nazi base there hidden an still perfecting its high technology ahead of any nation on planet???

dont forget nearly everything rocket wise in our society etc etc was taken from nazi technology.

nazi also had plans for space planes an near orbital bombers in 1943, and where only 8 years from finishing them WW2 ended in 1945 so that would make it 1951 ish, but if they had unlimited resources they might of sped up production an fine tuning by few tears to hmmm 1947 ish HMMM first main UFO sightings.......( i think was about 1947)

could nazi hide a base at antartic for over 50 years????
would we not notice it from space now MAYBE we have but goverments know about it and cant do anything cause they have developed magnetic shield tech which would deflect nukes etc etc........

seems strange that cant remember his name the nazi who was kept in prison by himself for his entire life was conected to antartic base near begining of WW2..........

could explain what UFO's are secret nazi tech from secret nazi base an nazis were not all wiped out as we so think....

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 06:27 AM
~Even before ww2. Haven't you seen those ancient carvings or paintings in caves with strange craft/beings? One good example of this is the Madonna picture. If anyone could back me on this, that would be great.

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 06:32 AM
The reason that the UFO's appeard during and after WW2 is because we invented the atomic bomb and the atomic age was beginning..... the watchers were merely there to look out for their own safety from the most violent race in the universe IE humans.

They are not here to harm us people.. they are here to guide us.... most of them anyway.. I have watched alot of documenturys regarding this topic and this is what I have concluded about our visitors.

They are only here to watch over us and protect not only themselfs but the entire foundation of our universe.

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 07:21 AM
yeah, that nazi war crime guy...60 minutes did a piece, he was the ONLY inmate at the prison for years & years... & he was in his late 80s early 90s...donno name.

sorry, last week i dumped the files on the Antartica-Nazi thing...along with Atlantis-Antartica stuff...but since the info was less than 1 year old,, the Google Search should work for U2.

ufo increase after ww2::: more cameras/radios/TV/popular magazines/si-fi genre/conspiracy adherents/ a lot of ancient sightings were comets/clouds/pillars of light/wheels/thunder&lightnings...etc etc

3rd reich myth (to last 1000 years)
kinda like the whispers that Saddam Hussein had the Sacred Stones, that he entered a StarGate- along with an army & WMDs (explains the elusiveness, and the fears of the Iraqi people that Saddam WILL return)

see:: www william for that story...have a successful journey

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 10:21 AM
Sorry to bring this up but why did you write donw the URL like that? There is no need to do that with URL's, with email addresses then it is a very wise thing to do so no robots can see your email address and send you spam but With URL's there is no benefit and only hinderance. Remember, if you write down the URL properly then it will automatically change to a hyperlink. Here it is .

ONe more litle gripe. As some of you may have noticed, I rush my posts so I make several mistakes with my punctuation and spelling (which is quite poor as it is) but I am finding more people writing in a horrible way which makes it very hard to understand (the first post in this thread as an example). Please try and take a little more time, punctuate, less slang (remember something which may be a very commen word in Seattle may be completely unknown in Hamburg) and if you feel your spelling is poor then try and take a little extra time and do a spell check.

NOw, I know that this forum is frequented by people of all nationalities, different levels of education and different ages so please do not think I am calling anyone "dumb" or anything, I know how easy it is to rush off a message, it makes sense to you so that is good enough, eh? Well, no not really, we don't know where you are coming from until you tell us and it can be very confusing.

If you have a post that you think people will be interested in and really want people to read, then it is really in your interest to make sure they can understand it or else they will probably get fed up after the first paragraph and move on.

OK, I hope you all understand this, I promise that I will take more time and more effort on my spelling.


posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 12:01 PM
Like CPYKOmega said, they had noticed we had the atomic bomb. The bomb tests had attracted them back here and they've been hanging around ever since.

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