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FSME: Aircraft Projects - Reference Library

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posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 03:04 PM

It is our hope that the links associated with this thread will help you, whether your interest be research related or just satisfying your curiousity.

As additional related sites are suggested, provided or found this thread will grow. Please revisit frequently and take advantage of the information available.

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posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 03:05 PM

If you have any additional official company web sites for major manufacturers please U2U Intelgurl with the link.


British Aerospace

Boeing Aerospace

Dassault Aviation


Israel Aircraft Industries


Mikoyan-Gurvevich (MiG)


Saab Aerospace

Sukhoi Aviation

Stavatti - Believed to be a fake


Related Magazines, Publications, White Papers & Web Sites

AeroTech News

Air Attack.Com

Air & Space Magazine

Air & Space Power Magazine (US Department of Defense)

Air Force Magazine

Aviation Now

Center for Defense Information (Defense Research & Analysis)

Code One Magazine (Lockheed-Martin)

Federation of American Scientists

Defense Today (Australian Defense Publication)

Flug Revue (Germany's Leading Aerospace Magazine)

Jane's Defense Weekly

National Defense Magazine

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Popular Science Magazine

Space War.Com

Strategy World (Military News & Intelligence)

Homeland Defense Journal

Air Force Technology . Com

Nuclear Bomb Damage Map

ETS News - (Defense Research News)

Global Aircraft . Org

Global Defence . Com

Global Security . Org

Globemaster - US Military Aircraft and Weapons

Defense Daily News

Military Aerospace Technology Magazine

Forecast International

Proceedings - (US Navy Magazine)

Aviation International News

Military and Aerospace Electronics

Armada International - (Swiss Int'l Defense Publication)

The Aerospace Corporation - (Military Space)

Defense Aerospace - (French-based Defense site)

European Association of Aerospace Industries

Society of British Aerospace Companies

Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies

Association of Swedish Defense Industries

Aerospace Industries Group of France

Canadian Defense Industries

National Defense Industry Association - (USA)

Jane's Information Group

Naval Aviation News - (USA)

Israeli Air Force Magazine

Planet AeroSpace Magazine - (German)

The Russian Journal - (Click on Defense button on left menu)

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