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Conspiracy, N.K.=Patsy:U.S. -vs- Russia,China,Iran,WW3 Coming soon

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posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 05:55 PM
This might be a showdown with the real players which are Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and all other who maybe on the enemies side. We should examine the worse case situations regarding what is going on now with North Korea, if the sanctions = war to N.K., maybe we should think our way out of this before it starts to become world war 3 as outlined in this link about what the Russians are thinking.

The world is becoming a very scray place

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 06:19 PM
All along, China has been a bit flaky, and Russia all too quiet. Just as Israel is a Proxy for the US, it's not a far fetched idea that NK is merely a proxy for China (and possibly Russia).

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 06:24 PM
I'll simply say this...

there will be no world war 3 because of North Korea, Iran or Georgia. When that happens the world's economy cannot be so dependent on countries like the US and China.

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 06:30 PM
IF it weren't up to the American Economy buying all the products made in China and Russia, They would not have an economy like they have now and would be like that nut job in North Korea.
They would not be able to produce enough food to keep the starving billions happy. Hence another Chinese Revolution.
Russia was out spent during the cold war and we send billions of tons of food and Wheat since before the Great Patriotic War (WW2) and after Chernobyl.

IRAN and NK and The Mulslim Indonesian Countries are the most to worry about.
They have nothing to stop them from dying for their Cause.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 02:02 AM
Currently in the short term, about the next 30 yrs. The PRC will try and develop "close ties" with the US. While gaining allies with resource rich countries. Such as Iran, Syria etc. This is because their war lottery is in the advantage of the US. The Americans current economic power is too great for them right now. These ties are being used to create an economy that can rival the states, and more importantly leaving them the infrastructure. To keep their economy self sufficent. So during this time, they will take the odd pot shot at the US. Such as threats over Taiwan etc. And building up their military and nuclear arsenal. This creates a MAD situation. Using proxies such as NK and Iran. With their nuclear programs, gives the PRC two things. Firstly with NK and Iran switching pissing off the UN/US. Give them both time to develop Nukes. It is the same thing that you would do with your parents. "Remember mom you gave "brothers/sisters name" blanc. Now with the US trying appeasement policies. We can see that question like this. "To the UN general council, i feel these conditions are unfair, since Iran/NK just recieved these conditions" However, in all reality appeasment does not work. They just delay the inevitable. The Second this is that it takes alot of the rhetoric about jobs going overseas to the back burner. China can remain silent, and continue building.

After they are fully self suffecient. We can easily assume they will be the largest economy. During that period, the war lottery is in their favor. At that time they can push for hegemony. Which usually consists of war.

One example of this power transfer can be seen during the build up for WWI and WWII, during which an up and comming power. Wanted to grab the power. Such as Germany wanting to take control of the allies power. Because their was lottery did not finish in their favor. 2 new hegemonies where fourmed the US and USSR. This just poves that eventhough a war lottery is in your favor. This is always a chance for losing.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 07:27 AM
Over time, many of our large corporations are going to become subject to what the Chinese government wants. Just recently, Walmart bought 100 Supercenters in china to become the major supermarket in china.

Meanwhile, china is establishing their labor unions in the walmart there. - Remember walmart is traditionally Anti-Union. American unions aren't allowed into walmart, but walmart allows a chinese union in.

Over time they are going to have less and less to gain by listening to U.S. policy / government than listening to the Chinese government and policies, due to the economic pressure a nation can place on a corporation.

China sees this Economic Imperialism and is adjusting accordingly. I mean hell, its been our strategy for how long? 40 years or so.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 11:13 AM
WW3 is already on, its taking the force of an economic and resource based war, all the superpowers in the world are trying to guzzel up whatever resources are left so they will not be in the power vaccume after they (the resources) are gone from the market. China realized it needed to snach up vast amounts of resources a short time ago (at the end of the cold war) and has been pushing to get its nation online ever since. China is imense and this offers problems, by using the greedy corporations to further their goal they are becoming more powerful every second we sit here and talk. Corporations like Wal-Mart are not the ones pulling the strings in govt. but are simply put: patsys to whoever will give them money. China has come forth as a growing consumer and should they become #1 they will outweigh the USA in consumption we will have little to no business left here. China outnumbers the world in population by (in the 1990's) 1/3 of the world population is in China and growing so fast they have to put restrictions on how many children you can have (2) and this has allowed them to stem part of the problem temporarily. China doesnt give two hoots about USA policies and should anyone question them all they have to do is give the finger. Why? Because the USA is so indelved in China that if they even TRY to do anything to them they KNOW they will die economicaly since China makes all our goods. THIS is why the USA should be a self sustaining nation and rely little if at all on other nations.
Let me sum up things:
Think about what will happen if China becomes #1 for consumption, what purpose will the USA serve? Almost NONE! At that point China will be able to consume Southern Asia and grow its food there instead where they have no winters, rebels? HAH! China is known for not giving a DARN about rights, they just line you up and shoot if they want your land. About a month ago or so some US citizens were traveling to Tibet and came to a pass to witness a group of about 30 or so Tibet refugees trying to get OUT of Tibet. Well the Chinese army showed up and formed a firing line so to speak and shot all but 2 people: 1 monk and a little girl he grabbed and ran with. As for the citizens? They didnt touch them but just kept on going and didnt care, back in the USA the media quietly "blipped" this out of existance.
WW3 might take on ground warfare but mostly its going to be: LAST MAN STANDING OVER THE WORLD RESOURCES WINS!

China is a grave threat to the world just like the bu#es, 2 groups who want total control and are willing to murder millions if not billions to get it. As Dick Cheyney said: This is a war that shall not end in our lifetime. Yeah well my goal is to make at least 1 of the wars (here in the USA) end before he dies so he can watch it all burn down in front of him.

I met a Tibetan Llama once (kind of a higher ranking priest for those non-buddists here) and he had this to say about Tibet and their defeat:
"Do not worry about Tibet, it is lost, worry more about the United States, you are next."

China isnt stupid, they wont charge into battle unless they have too, and when they do its overwhelming and winds up with total slaughter of the enemy since they take no prisoners unless you have some of theirs. China NEEDS to control the USA since we USED to be manufacturers and also offer the only real resistance to them. EU? HAHAAHHAHAAHAHA! THEY DISBANNED MOST OF THEIR ARMY AFTER THE END OF THE COLD WAR! 2 super powers left: USA and China, China WILL WIN if bu#es keep giving them power, if we cut them off by rebuilding our economy and getting our factories back HERE not over in China we stand a chance. They are just going to suck us up by dependance, so unless you want your great grandchildren to speak Chinese and find English as the "forbidden language" which gets you shot I suggest you try and stop China, first stop buying stuff from them, next is to change govt. policies.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 02:11 PM
Vekar, China is not a superpower yet but might be in 10 years time, and not only America buys their goods. Russia is still a superpower, and if you think that the EU has no teeth, are you forgetting there are 2 nuclear powers plus the armed forces of 25 countries to call on with more to follow, just because the EU dossent go around invading countries does not mean they have no capability.

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