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Second Nuke test planned for Korea!?

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posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 02:03 PM
Sanctions!They arent going to do anything but delay a war.According to this,N.Korea looks to be planning another test.And what then?More sanctions?Then what?What i see happening is,a dangerous waiting game.I odnt see anything happening till its to late,i.e after N.Korea is fully armed with nukes.And this will lead to many dead,when the time comes to finally go to war.Im in no way stating war should be done,I have no way to end this conflict.Just going with the wait and see approach.As is the rest of the world.

Another Nuke Test!?

(MSNBC)-As the United States confirmed the test, military and intelligence officials have told NBC News that North Korea may be preparing to conduct what could be a test of a second nuclear device. U.S. spy satellites have detected increased activity around a second possible underground test site, “the same kind of activity” seen in the weeks prior to the nuke test a week ago.

They also point out that aside from any public announcement from the North Koreans, the test could be conducted without warning.

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