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The pyramid builders were from sirius, the Dog star

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posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 08:26 PM
The Orion correlation between the constellation and Giza is well reported
However there is another constellation that features a great deal in egyptian mythology and that is Sirius the dog star
Thats why they had dog headed gods
like anubis. who was a big black headed dog that weighed sweets in the weigh in station that checked that the Pharoah had been mummified properly and had enough dog biscuits for the journey home. They named pluto after one of these dog headed egyptian gods.
oh and they were amphibious as all Dogs are
and @#$%& at making lightbulbs for the same reason (Sorry ERICH)

this recently discovered list of pre dynasty pharoahs names back this up
1. Hor Lassie ahamen
2. Hor rin tin tinhotep
3. Hor plutotmose
4. Hor Rebel aten
Then there was the mongoose king
5 Hor Ricki ticki Taviahamen

this answers the age old question of who designed the kings chamber very satisfactorily

The kings Chamber

A traditional Dog Kennel design

In fact in the sirian Language "Hor" translates as "good boy" and the Pyramid of Cheops may simply have been the kennel of Chops, the alsatian headed dog of Sirius major
The reversal of Dog in english is "God"
and if there was any more doubt in your minds consider who the Dog-on people of west mali named themselves after

scientifically accepted proof that gods/dogs were in ancient egypt

100% irrefutable evidence that the egyptians worshipped dogs.

Latest chinese research shows that the Dog Gods are expected to return to earth sometime this year

corroborating evidence can be found in many other cultures such as the mythology of the foundation of rome where two twins named Romulus and Remus are suckled by a canine as seen in this Etruscan bronze statue

the only old Kingdom tomb that an intact mummy was ever excavated from had a dog in it

In fact, the only intact Old Kingdom mummy found so far was in the fifth-dynasty tomb of Nefer at Saqqara. Hence, I explained, the best we could hope for in the case of Nswt- Wsrt would be a skeleton. I added that beer jars and pottery vessels were also discovered inside his tomb along with two skeletons inside the tomb's shaft, one lying beside the other. The first one belonged to a person who may have been a friend or an assistant to Nswt-Wsrt who wanted to be buried beside his boss. The second was the skeleton of a dog. After X-raying the human skeleton, we found that it was of a 35-year-old man who probably died during a fight because there is evidence that he fractured his hand and that this injury caused his death" - Zahi Hawass

the dead guy is obviously symbolic of biting the hand that feeds you and Zahi is clearly underplaying the importance of the God buried with Nefer.
i think he's involved in a cover up of immense proportions.
maybe he's found the fabled Ark of the covenant

see the similarity
religious myth would have you believe that an empty box could be used to communicate with god
its only gonna work if he's being carried around in it right ?
and moses was a border collie
you better believe it

the evidence from Egypt indicates that there was a war between the Dogs from Sirius and a species of Astral travelling cats
the Cat gods had an island paradise but all evidence of it was destroyed.
the only remnant of the Cat Cult is the modernised version of The name Baast. which iirc now stands for someone without adequate parentage.
true in our time as it was in theirs.
the name of this Island continent was passed down in history despite it being destroyed by a inundation by the Dog Gods because they all knew that Cats hate water and much later a greek philosopher immortalised it but spelt it wrong
its name was Catlantis

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 04:21 PM
Now that we know where they are how do we deliver the weapons and gear to destroy them?

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