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L Ron Hubbard`s Brainwashing manual.

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posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 07:39 AM
I recently came across a document entitled "The brainwashing Manual" by science fiction author and founder of the church of Scientology.Its a very interesting read and looks at the history and mechanics of brainwashing,from early Soviet projects,to forms of social control,use of drugs and mental health programs.

The document can be downloaded from this location:

If you do a Ctrl+F,and type in "brainwashing" you will find it.I would like to open a disscussion on this document.
Firstly is it really written by L Ron Hubbard,or is it a fake?
I find it very interesting that it is authored by the founder of the church of scientology.I have not yet found the date it was published,but i am looking into this.

Does this document change anyones mind about scientology-especially the believers?
Thanks for reading people.

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