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Could this be a UFO?

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posted on Oct, 14 2006 @ 10:13 PM
I generally don't post anything that I find on "YouTube", but this was quite a bit differant
from what I usually see posted. The information appears to be in Italian and will post
it hoping for a english translation as the best I can get off an online translation is stil
flawed with missing words...

The Italian report

Questo strano oggetto volante non identificato è stato ripreso il 29 settembre 2006, alle 20:09 (direzione sud-ovest / nord est), al termine di una massiccia campagna chimica ad opera di aviocisterne militari. L'ordigno, composto da due tronconi e con una sorta di timone sul bordo superiore, appare emettere luce propria (e non riflessa dal sole al tramonto), in quanto lo stesso insolito bagliore è evidente anche quando l'oggetto si trova rivolto con il profilo verso est (lato opposto al sole).

My best guess Italian to English translation was:

This strange flying not identified subject has been again seen on 29 september 2006, to the 20:09 (direction the south-west/east north), in the direction of a chemical campaign at work of aviocisterne military men.. The device, composed from two tronconi and with rising of rudder on the advanced edge, appears to emit it's own light (and reflected from the sun to the sunset), in how much the same unusual reflection is not obvious also when the object is found turned with the profile towards east (opposite side to the sun).

I thought at first that this was nothing more than the sun reflecting off of a passing jet
but after watching it a few times, I'm not so sure. So of course posting it here was the
next best guess as to bouncing and recieving differant ideas and views.. Link Below.

Possible UFO?

I myself have captured and seen many of a reflective jet, and I want to lean towards this concept.
I know that in a highly reflective state, other features can get drowned out such as the
wings, tail and rudder. But... I always like to hear what other people have to say.
So.. do you agree that this is nothing more than a reflected plane, or is it a UFO?

posted on Oct, 14 2006 @ 10:14 PM
Looks like a missile to me. Where was this filmed?

posted on Oct, 14 2006 @ 10:16 PM
Only information is that it's an object captured over Sanremo..

And as I stated, the translation above may be flawed..

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