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the term "conspiracy" put down as "retarded" purposefully?

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 05:36 PM
i know we all have seen a movie or a tv show or something at least once over our lifetime(i believe multiple times but you and i don't remember) that leads us to believe someone who believes in a conspiracy or has put forth his/her own conspiracy theory is "insane" or a "dork."

because of the way it is said in the speakers tone in the movie "Chronicles of Riddick."
i urge you to watch this movie, for not only is it a fairly decent action movie, but also female actors line in the movie had me thinking... did the neo-cons/jews implant this BS into our heads way early in life that all conspiracies are so retarted that none can be true?

but in the end, we must realize that out of all the conpsiracies and posts on this website, that realistically and at the very VERY least, one... at least ONE must be true. and that should be shocking. which one(s) are they... ? heh...

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