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The 'Train of Thought' Thread

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:38 PM
Ok, well I was thinking, and I thought it'd be interesting to post what
gos through my mind, than I started thinking it'd be interesting to see
what other people think about.

So, just put down your thoughts.


"I wonder how she can imagine what Laura Bush has to say if she's never met her..Bush..Hm, I wonder what Busch's baked beans taste cell phone is so pretty and blue.. I wonder why they decided to call it Limewire, I mean they don't even use a lime as a symbol, Illuminati is fun to say..Illuminatus, that's a cool name, I know, I'll name a planet Illuminatus, bet those stupid IAU people would have a fit 'cause they did'nt get to name it some lame a$$ name."

That is a sampling of my thoughts, I am incredibly random, I know.


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