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MAKE 10 predictions concerning humanities future

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:25 PM
If you could make 10 truthful predictions concerning humanities future that will probably come true within the next 100 years, what would you predict, drwing upon everything you know?

i'll begin by making 10 predictions i believe will come true within the next 100 years. please feel free to do the same, as i am curious about what predictions people have to offer.

my predictions?

1) A cure for cancer will be found, and it will have something to do with ants.

2) Humanity's question of "Are we alone", and the response to our invitation delivered via Voyager (launched in 1978) will be found to have existed on earth for thousands of years.

3) The gold cap on the "Dome of the Rock" will be removed from the Dome of the Rock.

4) Pope Benedict the 16th will be the last person known as a "Pontiff".

5) A day shall come when all humanity speaks the same language.

6) Humanity will gain knowledge of how to become conscious enough to alter their own dna.

7) i predict the same meteorite that lies in worship at mecca will fall from the sky near jerusalem.

8) i predict a vast store of knowledge and secrets concerning humanity shall be made available to all people.

9) i predict Iran will never use any nuclear weapons against any other nation on earth.

10) i predict humanity will endure a time of unparralleled peace and prosperity beginning within the next 100 years.

there are some predictions i thought i would throw out there. i guess time will tell if i am right, or if i am wrong.

i will not debate my predictions, nor even attempt to argue either way whether or nots. ...

and, i promise to treat any and all people who care to make any predictions the same way. i won't judge, i won't belittle.


If you could make 10 predictions for the future, given everything you know, what 10 predictions would you make?

i thank you in advance for your time, and your contributions.

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 02:44 AM

  1. The coastlines (and the weather patterns) will be greatly re-organized due to the combined effects of inundation of freshwater glacier runoff (in copious amounts) and the resultant tectonic disturbances which will surely follow (as the weight distribution of the seas is accomodated by the crustal plates).

  2. There will be a moderate to severe decrease in world population due to the effects of #1 – which will include many things; from contaminated drinking water to vigilante survival mode-types in the cities to malaria and other blood-borne diseases caused in flood seasons.

  3. Humanity will be reoriented on a purer path on the grand scale – regarding business and industry – mass production will lose both workers and demand due to #2 and as a result we will return to a simpler lifestyle and more natural approach to all things, especially our food, clothing, and shelter. We won’t lose our technology but we will lose our driving need to advance it for vain causes and keep that which helps us in practical ways (such as cell phones for being lost or stranded and dvd players to share home movies as well as a way to share knowledge with our families and friends, etc.)

  4. ALL organized religion will die (a dignified death, in most cases) as a direct result to the demise of modern materialism and greedy-gut syndrome. Probably there will be help from the fact that men will begin to see what really matters through the tragedies we all might have to bear. Mainly, though – it will be due to the fact that it wasn’t meant to live, all along….the truth will be made available to all men – everywhere – without any kind of prerequisite or some sort of paperwork or conversion – the promises of the bible will come to light (as not at all what they were thought to be) and people will grow in their spirits in the way which most suits their requirements and sits well with their soul – all sacred texts will be sacred and considered valuable once they are seen not as separate messages but as separate flavors of ambrosia – truly different strokes for different folks is how God will prove to be merciful and all-loving. Reincarnation will be revealed as well as the purpose and perhaps (?) the young ones will begin to be born without the spirit of forgetfulness – and this, alone, will nearly (if not completely) eliminate the fear of death.

  5. War will become extinct. Primarily because there will be more need to survive than fight – less people and also less government (not to mention the #1 warmonger which is religion). Also because the world leaders, as well as the homeless ones as well as the middle class working man, will all be involuntarily brought into balance – on the same level, that is… Elite will become a word one might utter of self only with shame (from self) or derision (from others). Taxation will be beyond suggestion – and so will such unfair things as letting a neighbor go hungry. We won’t want to kill each other after we’ve saved each other’s lives – we will begin to love in truth and therefore prosper as a race.

  6. We will be set free from the industrial age’s rat race and wealth-in-possessions hamster wheel – we will begin to know, once again, the meaning of the word ‘livelihood’ and will do honest work, with our talents or our strength – and we will truly be able to live comfortably (although not in the way we think of as ‘comfortable’ now – we will be satisfied and content and not stressed or slaves to men/women we despise and who won’t let us give an honest day’s work because it intimidates them and makes them paranoid that you want their job).

  7. We will teach our children at home, perhaps in community groups headed by parents taking turns – not at all public school but private arrangements that suit each family and which put the children absolutely first and foremost in both time and attention. We will be the heads of our families, and our families will be both our pleasure and our comfort. We will be grown up before we try to raise kids and if not, we will have the grown ups who are just ahead of us to help us - and no one will have to marry at the age of 15 because they are pregnant or mr. pregnant! But these things will fade out of society because the reasons things happen out of order is because of disorder and we will be heading toward orderly in the next 100 years. We will not have nursing homes – when our parents grow too feeble or otherwise unable to live on their own, we will move them into our homes where they can impart their wealth to our children and enrich the generational line beyond description. We will not forsake our families for any reason – we will become clannish but not in a feudal way – as a community that is vibrant and fruitful – all families will be ‘family’ with the others in the area….and so on….

  8. We will learn the true nature of illness and disease – and therefore how to prevent most of our suffering and alleviate that which we cannot do away with. We will quit layering our blood with chemical pathogens and dangerous pharmaceutical concoctions – instead learning that most all basic health concerns can be totally controlled through diet and state of mind/attitude. We will learn how our head is the boss of our body – and in so doing will also understand one half of the true cause of cancer (emotional disturbances and imbalances within the heart) which willl (combined with the purified environment of which the current state of contamination is the other half of the cause) lead to the eventual cessation of cancer’s unwanted cell mutations – also things such as AIDS and TB – antibiotics will be remastered and cellular workings will become manageable because we will understand how to live according to our DNA (instead of trying to make life with it) and this will be the greatest health advancement – understanding the blood will unlock many many doors – not just physically.

  9. We will cease our manipulation of livestock and crops, their DNA and other such things – and will totally put aside all those kinds of things in which we are getting dangerously deep in with our fiddling ignorant interference (test tube babies, stem cell stuff – won’t need it! – clones especially NO CLONING and NO animal-human hybrids AT ALL!) We will learn to make things right at the root instead of constantly chasing our tails in futile damage control measures and covering-up-with-little-white-lies-to-the-masses; which are (today) the direct results of our impatient need to sacrifice forethought and continued heedless disregard for the lessons of hindsight. No more poison for the cows and no more poison milk for our babies…happy cows and happy babies!

  10. Mankind will begin, over the next 100 years, to establish the way of life which will stand from then on….true peace earth – among all men – freedom from government and social oppression – lifted out of proverty and plucked down from needless excess – living from generation to generation without any taint of ignorance and delusion (unless, of course, we personally prefer ignorance and if that be the case, we will be respected for our choice just the same as if we aspired to Einstein or Galileo).

All these things I say because I understand such a picture to be NOT AT ALL unrealistic or impossible; but even as God's INTENDED plan for mankind (all along, from way back, it's been restored through intention from even before it was removed on purpose for the good of ALL-
- first we ate the 'evil' apple but at long last, we are about to be given a taste of the first golden apple harvest - which will be the only apples we'll know after that!)

Bonus prognostication from the whimsy in me:
the Sargasso sea will become the 'sea of tranquility.' (that one I totally made up in the fancy of my mind and the moment)

Shalom everyone.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 04:26 AM
Mine are all based on dreams I had when I was nine years old.

1. - 10. San Andres fault line (I know, I know ... everyone says this...) will finally shift, we havent seen the full effects from the bay of bengal shift as yet. This will be the catalyst for pole shift. I remember seeing very clearly the tilt and the degree of the tilt. South American children were running around burninng, on fire. It was really graphic, very disturbing. The entire Eastern Coast will sink into the ocean. The western side will rise and the Island of Lemur will be found. The Earth will lose gravity for a second. Hopi Prophecy say hang on to tree indicating 'big wind' but it is not from the wind, it is from the change in gravity.
I was fortunate to witness first warning with the mist around the Sun last year, we only get 4 warnings. My recent dream I looked up to the sky and saw it burnt orange and I was happy, as it was the sign I was waiting for, it has started. With the tectonic shift, it will affect the water (of course). Hopi prophecy again confirmed my dreams, the seas will join. Sounds catastrophic, eh? Na, its what we are all here to experience. A tenth of the global population will survive.

Before that though....

Rome will fall on Christmas Eve. A woman stands wearing a mask and even fools her kin who welcome her with open arms. Let the celebrations begin. Joy in lighting a candle, that will burn only a quart before the explosions begin.

As in Jordan, so it will be again. What happens when they kill their own? A step forward in the wrong direction leaves the men in white no where to go. They bite the hand that feeds them. Now they are on their own. All who see, will see and justice will prevail. Don't be fooled by this victory, we are yet to pay for our stupidity.

Nuclear accident in Europe, the likes of which we havent seen, the world will call for change, but its little too late.

A dictator will be on his bended knee, arms outstretched... pleading. Birds of a feather flock together and through illness a threat is pacified.

hmmm think thats 10? Rather gloomy, so I will spare you the rest

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