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Katrina claims 1st Democrat victim!

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 07:19 PM
Louisiana Democrats worst fears have come true. Louisiana Democrats have lost their voter base! For decades Democrats have counted on New Orleans to carry statewide elections for them. Katrina has changed that!

There is an old saying that sometimes good things come from the bad! This is a perfect example!

State Sen. Francis Heitmeier dropped out of the runoff election Tuesday to become Louisiana's next secretary of state, essentially handing the post to his colleague, state Sen. Jay Dardenne.

Heitmeier blamed his decision on the displacement of south Louisiana voters who form the Democrat's base in the New Orleans area.

Lee said Heitmeier's departure from the race was the first clear example of how the Hurricane Katrina Diaspora of voters affects how Democrats campaign for office. The Louisiana Democratic Party couldn't even recruit a candidate to run in the September election for insurance commissioner, leaving two Republicans to battle for the job.

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