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Why don't the 'moderate' muslims stand up against 'radical' muslims?

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 04:55 PM
People are quick to criticize and question the 'moderate' muslims of not standing up against radical muslim leaders. Tell me, how many americans actually stood up against Bush and stopped him from killing thousands of people in Iraq and afghanistan. Surely, not every single person living in those countries was a terrorist. In fact, to kill a terrorist in one house, they blew up the entire block (just an analogy). So why didnt the americans stand up against Bush and protested against killing so many innocent people and not to mention its own soldiers. It was like pushing them into the lion's den.

Also, what do you think I am doing here. I am trying to 'undo' the harm done by Osama. He was the reason (in part, along with Bush) why the muslims are viewed with suspicious and hateful eyes these days. I post to the forum as my voice against all the wrong thing happening in the world. I post because this is my means of 'standing up' against evil doers like Bush and Osama. I cannot go out and kill Osama, I cannot go out and tell the radicals to stop being radicals, they might end up killing me.

The moderate muslims also work, eat, sleep, pay taxes and raise a family. Like any other american, they too need to think of family first rather than going on a crusade against the evil doers of their religion. And they do try to voice their opinion and condemn such acts of evil. Only difference is that it never makes the news because it wasn't 'exciting' news. However, if there is a group of radicals out in the streets who have nothing better to do and they r shouting slogans like, Death to America, then it makes the next day's headlines and is all over the media and internet. And then people question the moderate muslims as to why they dont stop these extremists.

And for the most part, most of the moderate muslims live away from the countries and cities which have these extremists as leaders and who impose sharia rules to their people.

One solution could be to forget the news and media for a second and try to see for yourself if the muslim guy in your neighbourhood is a terrorist or not. If he is not (most likely) then you are safe and you have nothing to worry about as far as your and your neighbourhood's safety is concerned. And as for the terrorists outside your cities, let the government worry abt them.


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