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Why Do So Many Put Emphasis On The Color Of Jesus?

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 10:31 AM
I have noticed that over at the ATS board there is a lot of discussion on the ethnicity of Jesus. There is one thread titled "Jesus Was Not Black." What I want to know is what difference does it make. I myself,by the way, I am caucasion, was criticized because I had an avatr that made Jesus "look Rastafarian". So what?

One of the major problems in this world today is that instead of people focusing on what someone taught, we focus on their ethnicity or their personal life. This can be said for a whole host of light bringers to this world. We judge Christ, buddha,Dalai Lama,Ghandi, and many others who have tried to help humanity. Why?

It is my opinion that it should be the teachings of Christ that are emphasized, not his race. It doesn't matter if he was whitle,black,grey or blue. He was a bringer of light and nothing more matters. However,with all that being said, it firstly needs to be understood that Jesus was Jewish. Of course, being from the Middle eastern region, he certainly wasn't white. He,most likely, was bronze or olive complected.

Secondly, "pictures" of Christ are quite different from the view the bible gives us of Christ. There are passages in the bible that imply that Christ was not someone who was pleasant to look at. Yet, we make drawings of Christ that look like the all-American guy. Why?

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