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Dover England Underground facility

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 06:09 AM

i dont know how many people on here have visited dover castle but i have noticed something very strange about it

under dover castle is a multi level WW2 base which was used as a HQ during the second world war
you can go around it nowdays its part of the castle tour however you can only access 2 levels Annex and Casemate

the other 3 levels DUMPY (deep underground military position yellow), Bastion and Esplanade are are still closed their excuse for dumpy and esplanade is they are too deep and there are no fire escape routes so its not safe but Bastion is more perculiar, they lost it! they cant find get access to it and dont know where to get access to it

as i have been there a few times i have seen wierd things there are still soldiers there every now and then and i have seen very important looking people in suits arriving in blacked out cars then dissapearing into 'Staff only' buildings

i wonder as to whether Dover is still an operating base, what better way to hide it than to open some to the public who dont know just below them is a bustling deep underground facility

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 04:52 PM
I lived in dover since birth, its just recently i moved to the town next door folkestone, my cousins grandad worked security at dover castle for about 10 (+) years, i'v been round there loads of times when he was on the night shift (place is haunted and we used to go ghost hunting
) The place you mention is called helfire corner, great place if ya into ww2 stuff and spooky as # at night LOL

i havent for been there for 10 and 13 years (cant remeber exactly) but i'v been down all the levels and theres nothing but junk lol, unless they got secret doors james bond style i cant see any secret operating base down there

there are still soldier there because theres a barracks more or less around the corner (ya might of heard on the tv they wanna close it and turn it into a prison) theres also a high ranking soldier living in the gate house

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