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How to survive TEOTWAKI, NOW takeover whatever

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posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 10:48 PM
Someone asked a while back. I didnt feel confortable answering at the time. How do I survive if the NWO order takes over.

Since than the governments put up alot more traffic cameras and they are working on a huge parking lot/trainstation project here in Maryland on Washington BLVD and yes Amtrack is spending that money, Billions of it.

I think for starters. We have to say here. We arent intersted in destroying America, which has for the most part been a good part a peace loving country.

What were talking about is what happend in Nazi Germany. When a large part of the population was rounded up and herded into concentration camps. People who were weak were killed by Genocide.

If something bad happend to America and I mean bad. It would pretty much go down like things did in Nazi Germany. So you want to read as much as you can about Nazi Germany. The first thing that happend was there was a shift in power, to a socialized Party. That was Hitlers little social group. That hasnt really happend in America but we certainly have gotten more socialized.

The second thing that happend was they built up an Army around the social movement. This became Hitlers little party and they were identifed with Hitler. He had different units to complete different jobs LIke the SS and teh Gestopoh. Teh SS was Hitlers private police force and the fufilled the same job as the US Secret Service. Which is protection of the president although the SS also investigates things such as Bank Fraud and Counterfitting. Im not trying to compare the US Secret Service To Hitlers army. I am just saying they had a simular hierarchy and trying to explain how things work. The Gestopoh was responsable for enforcing and putting Hitlers plans in order.

The government of Germany put out a speculative Paper money/fiat currency. Paper money is pretty worthless. So if you want to survive. It would be a good idea to buy things that you could trade in the event of a National Disaster. Things that might be considered money or valuable. This could even be bullets but be aware that the government in recent years has arrested people with large Caches of Ammo and weapons in their homes. You might want to buy and have around a couple gallons of water.

You might want to try camping and read some survival books. Theres plenty of stuff on the internet you can read. Litterally hundreds of pages on stuff on TEOTWAKI scenarios.

Teotwaki stands for, The End Of The World as We Know It.

Finally, I know theres probably some feds here reading this. I just want to say that I am not Anti US Government. What I am saying is the last 10 years the US Government is doing some very scary things that Hitler did. We pay alot of taxs for stuff we dont need, like the office of homeland defense, which is very Hitleresque and Socialist.

The founding fathers forsaw this and gave us alot of checks and balances. This is a great country. We truly have alot of good people and good things but we all have to remember and use all of our civil liberties to ensure that freedom, liberty, democracy.

That means.

Talk about it.
Go out and buy a nice rifle with a 8X scope and some bullets.
Goto Church. Pray for your government.
Write about whats going on In Gulag Amerika.
Assemble. Get groups of people together to talk about things.
Get yourself some coin. How about saving some State Quarters? Did you know all Quarters and Dimes printed before 1963 are solid silver. Some of these coins are still in circultion.
Make a safe room in your house or Basement.

Talk about your ideas and share them with others. Read about the founding fathers. George Washington, Benjamin Frankling and Thomas Jefferson. These were good God Fearing Christian people that belived in the inner goodness of mankind. They prayed for our government, they were Christians.

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posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 10:52 PM
they can have my guns when i pry the last of thier cold dead hands from around thier pens.

posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 10:55 PM
Okay and for that last part about the rifle. Put a lock on it and put it away in a safe place. Tommorow if they start rounding up people, sending them to concentration camps and gas chambers...

And by people I mean, Union Party Members, Jews and Catholics...

Than that my fellow Americans would be the time to take your gun out of its case and do what the founding fathers would want you to do.

posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by websuspect
Okay and for that last part about the rifle. Put a lock on it and put it away in a safe place. Tommorow if they start rounding up people, sending them to concentration camps and gas chambers...

And by people I mean, Union Party Members, Jews and Catholics...

Than that my fellow Americans would be the time to take your gun out of its case and do what the founding fathers would want you to do.

The second ammendment still exists and the right to revolution is still constitutionally protected, so rock on guys.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 05:10 PM
A sniper rifle and a few rounds will barely help you against a fully armed army tanks missiles mental and biological warfare they will use on the people
your best hope would be to learn how to survive
Save up a lot of food
Canned foods and dried works best
keep it in your basement to keep it cool or dry
Have a lot of water
You can normaly buy VERY big bottles of water in ur local supermarket
buy a lot of them chances are The NWO will cut off water
Have an escape plan
Map out a safespot away from towns like the countryside or forests far away from city's and towns
Be prepared to make it to that safe spot on foot as all roads will be blocked off
If the NWO kicks in dont use the internet mobiles or anything to discuss plans or where you are going to move out next with your friends/family
carry a gun or knife -Make sure its small and easy to hide you dont want to be caught walking around with an M16 and a 3 grenades and a desert eagle by the NWO's army
Be in good physical condition
Have a good ammount of supplys
Medicine is best
dis-infectent spray
A small bottle of water incase
a book on how to treat cuts bruises trauma etc
and other medical supplys
A Hand radio
A map -said before-
Good knowlege of geography It can realy help in avoiding Roads etc
A Pen You could mark area's on your map where you know are unsafe to travel
You could split the country your in into 4 zones
Green No known soldiers yet-
Blue Some military presence in the area but very small and as long as you keep hidden you would be fine
Yellow -Military presence is active their so be very careful
avoid if possible
Red -these area's are mostly military bases and city's like London New york etc
Dont go anywhere near it

good area's
Mostly forests and deserted area's
Farmlands etc
Small/large towns seasides etc
City's military bases
and area's along those lines
Stay hidden
Most americans think shooting yourway out of a problem solves it
when your faced up against an army
which has a HUGE advantage over you in almost everyway
-Stick to the shadows and forests you should do fine-
When makeing a fire TRY to divert smoke away from plain view
-its better to dig a hole etc and make the fire in their
or better use this trick
dig a hole roughly quite big
Then dig another hole same depth as the other one
and then make an archway going into the main hole
IT can realy help its even better with wind as it goes through the smaller hole into the fire thus fueling it more easily
its very useful
10-20 packs may do
it seems dumb but something to chew on will keep your mouth busy
Vegitarians will HAVE a very hard time findin food
if you eat meat be prepared to kill animals the way The british special forces do
-How to-
Now imagine your hungry and you find a rabbit
pick the rabbit up
Grab its neck and Snap it in one
use a knife to cut it open
-Make sure to preserve its blood-
-blood does have some ammount of water in it which is useful for survival
skin the meat with your knife
try to get as much meat as possible and cook
its a basic form of canabilisim but its survival for the fittest
Vegitarians may still survive
it would be good for vegans and vegis to learn how to tell what plants are edible and what are not
some herbs are realy great to eat full of energy -make sure to clean it-
While others will knock you dead stone cold
-Bug repellent-
Seems dumb but it helps
4-5 cans may be enough
Learn how to use everything to good use
-Find a broken gun?-
Keep it
you could take it apart and use some of the still intact or working parts later on for other things
or you could repair it
A compus -furgot spelling- REALY HELPS TO
carry anotherone just incase
Thats all i can give u
I go camping A LOT and my father is ex special ops
served in IRAQ

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 05:10 PM

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:55 PM
So I've been thinking about this for a long time and I'd like to know about some other things I'd like to learn. I would like to educate myself in things that would benefit me in a case of great crisis. Let me know what you think:

  1. Learn hollistic methods of healing
  2. Learn Chinese (if they're supposed to be the next ruling country AND for hollistic purposes)
  3. Learn a bit of Spanish
  4. Combat training (how to defend myself basically)
  5. Learn how to use a gun (and how to fix one)
  6. Basically everything they teach in Cub Scouts...

I do need to start learning about vegetation where I live and around the nation - in case roaming will occur. Is there anything else I should learn? If there are any great books out there that teach you the basics of survival - please U2U me or post. All suggestions welcome.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:16 PM
Suggestions for the grandparents ...

1) cast iron skillets for hand to hand combat (with hot food if possible)
2) Fireplace pokers for dueling
3) Electric fencing wired with direct current
4) Do what my x did ... wire up a large outdoor school bell for an house alarm system (its saves you on homeowners insurance - can be heard up to half a mile)
5) Get yourself an attack animal
6) take home videos of it all
7) what out for granny's pantyhose

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:40 PM
I don't mean to hog this thread but I have something I'd like to post here that was written in 1969 by an El Paso Times newspaper in Texas.

Communist Rules for Revolution

The following item was turned into this office by a reader,

and had appeared in another paper. It is a very timely,

and thought-provoking item, and a lot can be learned from it:

“In May of 1919 at Dusseldorf, Germany, the

Allied Forces obtained a copy of some of the ‘Communist

Rules for Revolution.’ Nearly 50 years later, the Reds

are still ‘following the rule.’ As you read the list, stop

after each item and think about the present-day situation

where you live - and all around our nation.” We quote

from the Red Rules:

“A. Corrupt the young, get them away from

religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them

superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

B. Get control of all means of publicity, thereby:


Get people’s minds off their

government by focusing their attention

on athletics, sexy books and plays and

other trivialities.


Divide the people into hostile

groups by constantly harping on controversial

matters of no importance.


Destroy the people’s faith in their natural

leaders by holding the latter up to contempt,

ridicule and obloquy.


Always preach true democracy, but seize

power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.


By encouraging government extravagance,

destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with

rising prices and general discontent.


Foment unnecessary strikes in vital

industries, encourage civil disorders and foster

a lenient and soft attitude on the part of

government toward such disorders.


By specious argument cause the breakdown

of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety,

continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.


Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a

view to confiscating them and leaving the population helpless.”

“That was quite a list, wasn’t it. Now, stop and think - how many of

those rules are being carried out in this nation today?”

El Paso Times April 23, 1969

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