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Interesting article from Remote Viewing website

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 08:40 PM
I just read thid article , and I find it really interesting, going far beyond just Remote Viewing concept. Article by Gerald O'Donnell "The One and Only Solution"

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 09:59 PM
Hi, Leia-- and All-

I am going to be as brief as possible with this reply, but I still believe that this may be a rather long post.

I have read these articles, and yes, they are very interesting. However, other than the highly symbolic language used, there is absolutely nothing "new" in the information given. The fact is, that this information is very, very, old; having been around for millinnia. In fact, neither is "RV" and/or "RI"-- or "The One", for that matter.

Since the dawn of Human spiritual consciousness, Mankind has taken great strides toward overcomplicating the incredibly simple and Natural fact that there is a Creator (The One--God--Allah--El--and whatever other Name It has), all in a bid to control and centralize Belief Systems about the Natural God. Reason?-- I think Mau Tsi Dong said it best; "Religion is the Opiate of the People", and it has been used by the secular World in general, and Industry and Government in particular, (re: The Christian Right and it's anticedant Islamic Fundamentalism), as a control measure to keep order in Society. This has all been facilitated through time, and especially since the advent of Writing, by purposefully changing the truth through inclusion and exclusion in texts. No, you literally cannot believe everything you read. This has all lead to the Modern end of repetitive lies, and a gross lack of the understanding of Spiritual Growth for Human Beings.

Does that constitute a Conspiracy? Yes, it does, and probably the oldest and most devestating conspiracy ever perpetrated. The next logical question is "why?" The easy answer is the Spiritual Freedom is the only True Freedom, the First Freedom, and the key to all other Freedom. It is a non-intermediary, and self-initiating inner discipline founded on a personal Relationship with the Almighty. One cannot control "the masses" if "the masses" are Free. One also cannot get excessive material gain at the expense of "the masses" and Justify that act in the face of "The One". Soooo-- in order to justify and maintain the Fat Cat Syndrome and the Control Factor of the Few, you simply change the "truth".

Only, you can't really, whan people are made Aware of where to find the Truth, and the idea that it is self-proving and self-evident. In other words, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist or even a PhD is Theology.

What these articles speak of in the Awakening of Man--and it has been a part of the OT Prophesies of my People for thousands of years. No oppresive Force, nor removal of rights, nor anyabount of perditious and studies attempts at Genocide has ever shaken the Truth from any of us. I am certainly glad to see that Mr. O'Donnell and his friends are beginning to realize it.

For now, this is enough, and I hope it helps you to understand the articles. I will write more on this subject only if it is requested that I do so.

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