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Rethinking the scientific theorys behind mass extinctions

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 04:22 AM
Evidence is emerging that the mass extinctions of species was caused by changes to the worlds oceans and the earths atmosphere. Current thinking is that metor strikes were the cause of mass extinctions. The most famouse example behind current thinking is the current theroy behind the mass extinction of the Dinosaurs.
As researchers continued to probe the data in recent years, however, they found that some things did not add up. New fossil analyses indicated that the Permian and Triassic extinctions were drawn-out processes spanning hundreds of thousands of years. And newly obtained evidence of the rise and fall of atmospheric carbon, known as carbon cycling, also seemed to suggest that the biosphere suffered a long-running series of environmental insults rather than a single, catastrophic strike.

That is because photosynthesis largely drives changes in the 12C-13C ratio. Plants use energy from the sun to split carbon dioxide (CO2) into organic carbon, which they exploit to build cells and provide energy; happily for us animals, free oxygen is their waste product. But plants are finicky, and they preferentially choose CO2 containing 12C. Thus, when plant life--whether in the form of photosynthesizing microbes, floating algae or tall trees--is abundant, a higher proportion of CO2 remaining in the atmosphere contains 13C, and atmospheric 12C is measurably lower.

n today's oceans, oxygen is present in essentially equal concentrations from top to bottom because it dissolves from the atmosphere into the water and is carried downward by ocean circulation. Only under unusual circumstances, such as those that exist in the Black Sea, do anoxic conditions below the surface permit a wide variety of oxygen-hating organisms to thrive in the water column. Those deep-dwelling anaerobic microbes churn out copious amounts of hydrogen sulfide, which also dissolves into the seawate

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I dont know were to start. The evidence that has been discovered could go a long way towards explaing global warming. The species known as Humans could be headed for real trouble. I always thought that we kill ourselvs via nuclear weapons or some other kind of conflict but it appears as if changes to the earths atmosphere and oceans could cause us to become a part of the next mass extinctions.

Are we seeing the warning signs already ?
Bear in mind that we are already destorying the Amazon rain forest at a rapid rate and this is without the changes that are or have taken place to the Ozone layer.

The evidence also points to what seems to be a more sound theroy IMO then current thinking due to the fact that the large amounts of material generated from a metor strike was able to block the Sun but wasnt pulled to the ground by earths gravity.

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 06:11 PM
I have always found it comforting that the vast majority of earth's flora and fauna have been wiped out in the past and life continued. Unless we destroy the earth reducing it to a radioactive dust cloud dispersing into space, life will continue in one form or the other. We may not be part of it, but life will continue. I find that very reassuring.

And like a belief in an after life, I hope I am right.


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