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World's largest pumpkin grown this year in Rhode Island

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posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:24 PM

WARREN, R.I. - Despite heavy rains that stunted pumpkin growth, a Rhode Island farmer has set what could be a new record for the largest pumpkin in the world.

Ron Wallace's pumpkin weighed 1,502 pounds at Saturday's weigh-off competition, heavier than the current Guinness World Record-holding 1,469-pound pumpkin grown last year by Larry Checkon of Pennsylvania.

Wallace said at the 13th annual Rhode Island Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Championship that the key to growing a giant pumpkin is the ability to commit to the task from April to October.

Now that is one big sucker. Three quarters of a ton is not too shabby. Imagine all the pumpkin food products that can be made form this one alone? And thats not even the only giant one there. You can see in the background on the image there are dozens of others relativley as large.

I would be kinda freaked out if I walked into a field and saw pumpkins that large. Imagine if that headless rider came after you with a 1500 pount noggin!! Whew I would be like, "hey could you stand still, I need to get this knife and fork at the right angle to crave out a good slice to eat" lol

It does not say what they do with them, but I assume they just sell it off to commercial food processors for pie, seeds and who knows what else.

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