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Negative SETI and what the SETI Team here thinks about it

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posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 07:15 AM
Hi Again,

I've heard from various people, that alot of ufologists, somewhat dislike SETI, some claiming that the frequencies SETI look for are FAR to low in the spectrum (i.e. looking for tv and radio instead of Ultraviolent/Gamma etc), some say the SETI project has found numourous 'anomolies' and covered it up, and some saying that its stupid, thinking that intelligent life would be, in a way, 'calling out to us'. "Hello Earth,... Hello" (Stanton Friedman). Stanton Friedman says something around that I believe in Flying Saucers ARE Real. He seems like a very intelligent man.

But I just want to know, what fellow ATSers think about SETI, especially the SETI Team?


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