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The Boredom of Man

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posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 03:33 AM
I have a question. Why is it that we thrive on destruction but yawn at creation?

Even though this is a conspiracy site and it's expected, why do you guys wish for the end of the world? I've noticed a suprising trend in this site. There's at the very least an average of a 5 to 2 ratio of people who view threads that could be classifed as an interest for destruction, war and the possible immediate armaggedon as opposed to an interest for creation, attempts at peace, discoveries in medicine etc.

This is a classic case of the duality of man. We all claim we want a safe world for our children to grow up in in the future, so why are we so interested in destruction and death and impending war and rumors of war and the chance that it is THIS generation, as opposed to the lasts', that will experiance the End of Days.

In your blood each of you feel it. Deep inside you want to see the whole sh!t hole just implode on itself. You want to see the epic World War between the West and the East. The orgiastic feeling of death and destruction is commonplace in humanity. It's the yang to our yin of the preservation of life.

My question is, though ... why?

These are just an example of a couple of threads that I noticed were deeply miss matched in terms of subject and views.

As of 12:46 AM 10/8/06 PST

"Tensions Rise Between Russia and Georgia" RedGolem -- 285 views 14 replies

"What if the USS Enterprise Sinks! & the U.S. Blames Iran!" Wizard_In_The_Woods -- 1902 views 57 replies

"US satellites spot nuclear activity" 833 views 23 replies -- TaupeDragon

"U.S. Army Practices Urban War Inside U.S.A." Justin Oldham -- 2521 views 79 replies

"Russia's Long-Range Bomber Force Ready For Pre-Emptive Strikes" Hellmutt -- 4100 views 80 replies


"Study Finds (Sept. 2006): Media hype, terror alerts etc. aid terrorist goals" xEphon -- 63 views 1 reply

"Abbas May Dissolve Hamas Government " Keyhole -- 66 views 2 replies

"Independent body claims IRA campaign is over" xpert11 -- 62 views 1 reply

"Influenza Breakthrough A New Treatment For All" MischeviousElf -- 102 views 5 replies

Notice a difference in substance, and views and replies?

The same goes for the media. No one cares about new medicine that could possibly save thousands. But hey, a disease mutated from birds that could kill millions? You got a story there.

I propose to the average human, my hypothesis for the cause of this stark contrast of interest.

You guys are #ING BORED and trully have no interest for the positive progression and evolution of humankind. Not to mention you wish that your lives had more meaning than the next poor assho!e's.

Agree, disagree?

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 06:44 AM
The thing is, if the end of days is coming, we can't change it, so dont fear it, embrace it and feel better knowing that we cant do anything about it..

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 08:09 AM
Personaly (and i dont think im alone on this) i only want the world as we know it to end, meaning the way its run and who is in controll. All humans were born as equal and we should all live as sutch. Any heirachy/government or whatever you want to call it, that categorises and/or places people higher above others has to stop if we are going to if ever, live together peacfully.

But then again, with every begining...there is an end. Take note to what chris01621 said, its one of the cruel realities we all face.

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