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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 04:42 PM
In all honosty who really cares if 9/11 was fake or real? The outcome is the same. There is nothing you can do about it. and homeland security was created from it. The result they wanted is exactly what they got. The real issue is now we need to get rid of this world controlling homeland security. There needs to be a CIVILIAN group that overlooks what HLS does. In the end the entire government needs cleansed but lets at least get rid of the true new world order called homeland security. The reign of this elite group called the US government needs to end. The garden needs weeded. the secret societies need disolved.
How...well the idea that anyone has are radical. But hey thats whats needed. we need a huge multi million man group to quit paying taxes. we need to make them realize we control them not the other way around. You want an end to the warmongers. Than dont give them money. Its all they care about anyways.
Just recently i heard that demonsrators are being classified as terrorist? and online poker is so hard to get any money from now that its no longer worth it? When will it end? when are we going to truly be "we the people" again? and how?
We need to have religous leaders step up in a big way. It may not be a perfect answer but at least i would rather deal with religous leaders than this spoiled,rotten, secret society filled, warmongering government! Hell we cannot even make a decent decision because everyone is broken between democratic and republican. LOL the answer needs to be that ANY and all decisions that are made get a majority vote of the population. Thats a democratic government. Its no wonder the world hates us. we speak of freedoms that we dont really have. we go to countries and change there way of life and religion with force or dirty deals. And we feel the need to spread the homeland security all over the world. We really are the non spiritual, materialistic, infidel that the world says we are. We need to try and worry about ourselves for a change.

[edit on 7-10-2006 by Enochian]

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