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Dreamed I was searching for my ex g/f! :O

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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 02:17 PM
I had a dream that I was searching for my ex girlfriend?? WTF?

I was in the city going to stores to see if she was working there, one store I was at was a grocery store, and another one was a shopping center, like wal*mart kind of, I guess.

Next when I left the store, it went from daylight to night. Then I was running down the street past, barns. Like 5 or 6 barns, and each one had a hooker in it, having sex with a guy, or was fixing to have sex with a guy.

During that time, something kept telling me to go back to one of those barns, to turn around and go back, but I just kept going.

Im trying to translate myself, but can't seem to. Maybe something else im searching for, then my ex. I don't know. Can someone translate for me, and tell me how to translate it myself?


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