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How religious conspiracies crumble (and rebuild themself)

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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 09:59 AM
Religion is a very interesting thing.
To some it is their life and to others it is as a prison they hope to stay away from.

Religion is pitted as being either good or bad.
Can it not be both? I was deeply involved and commited to religion most of my life, and through religion I was able to see my way out.

So was religion there to help me grow past it?
Or is it their to enslave people, but it has to use some truth to be effective, therefore always leaving a remanent of hope for escape?

It may be as I stated in the previous paragraph more so then in the 2nd paragraph.
If so then the whole conspiracy of religion is just keep people entrapped, and it typically crumbles due to the very fact that truth does lie within it, and it rebuilds itself.

Take for example Christianity (others can be included, Judaism, Islam)...these will probably last until they morph into something else, or people awaken from the need for a religion and an idol to worship. (In this aspect Judaism has an edge in the fact that they do not allow the worship of any person, etc...this is actually on track if the people understand it for what it can mean in terms of liberation)

Lets take a look at some of the cracks appearing.
With technology comes the spread of information, with more information we can broaden how we think and look at things more objectively.

Homosexuality is the biggest no-no in Christianity.
So is murder.
Lets take a look at something.

Snails have both male and female parts and thus multiple fast as they dont have to look for another of the opposite sex. Wow, God messed up or what? This kind of flies in the face of the no homosexuality thing. (Hey doesnt matter if its "just" an animal...God cant be consistent in His/her/its rules to creation?

What about the clown fish (you seen nemo havent you?)
The male fish can turn into a female fish if the female fish dies who is head of the group.
Whats this do for Transexuals? Quite interesting. How can they be ostracized when the omnipotent, all knowing, all everything God is messing up everywhere in nature?
(or is it a mess up?)

What about the praying mantis? The wife has sex with the male then eats it for dinner...oh yummy. Yes this is bugs we are talking about. But when faced with a fundamentalist, evangelical will hear no end to the perfect nature of God and how nature even shows what is natural. Well, not so sure anymore this is the case.

So with cracks like this, more and more people start waking up and smelling the coffee so to speak. The thing that was used as a tool by some to hold them back begins to crack and fall apart. They can then go to the next level or keep on recycling religions.

Interesting stuff...nature is quite interesting indeed. We can start looking at the bigger scheme of things and try to understand why things have been the way they are. This is fun as you get into the whole "why" and the answers start coming. NO more stress and strain of trying to understand or fit in or please the wrathful loving God...but freedom to see and to understand.



posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 12:13 PM
Well it certainly is time to consider these issues, Lord Dalen....

Have you ever heard the saying (known among those who have dwelled in the penal system for any amount of time) :

'Don't serve time - let time serve you.'


The same axiom can be applied to the issue of religion - if the heart has reached a point of supplication and humility.

Peace be multiplied to you and yours!

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by queenannie38
'Don't serve time - let time serve you.'

Thats a pretty cool quote to ponder on. Thanks for sharing it.

I guess you could take it to mean to make the most out of what is in time...
(i.e. religion, etc. Things that are time bound) vs. being bound to the "items" or "doings" of time.
(day to day routines, as in work, religion etc.)

Take what you need our of the system you find yourself in to move on to the next level.
but it seems after awhile you would move out of the system entirely. Who knows...



posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 08:25 PM

You either get out of jail - rehabilitated and productive to society...

or you end up dying in your bonds.

And only a fool doesn't heed correction. LOL

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:46 AM
You made some very interesting points. Every religion only lasts aslong as it can before new scientific knowledge comes along to proove the religion wrong. In a hundred years i wonder what will happen to todays religions if these cracks keep appearing?

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by JBourne
You made some very interesting points. Every religion only lasts aslong as it can before new scientific knowledge comes along to proove the religion wrong. In a hundred years i wonder what will happen to todays religions if these cracks keep appearing?

My guess, is unless people start doing critical thinking (by which I mean opening up to observing and contemplating ideas past the "box" of religion they are used to) then they will be left to the "powers that be" to implement some new "religion" whether or not it actually appear as a religion on the outside. (i.e. nationalism is a religion is it not? After all we are all of the human species, supposedley of earth, so why brag about being British, Hungarian..., etc.)

I posted some of the sign post for those in Christianity, to let them ponder (not to try to argue or convince) the topic as it raises valid questions for someone within that particular system. Watching and observing Gods creatures and even how they are made (like the snail) makes one wonder past what has been taught to them from child hood.
I was curious to see what a fundamentalist evangelical would respond, but know that there isnt much they can say about this is not philosophy, or debate...its actual overlooked examples from creation. (Not picking on Christians in particular, that is just one group of examples for one religious group, to help start the critical thinking spot)

Anyway, Peace to all


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