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$4 million!!! Where's the science?

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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 09:39 AM

"In 1996, it was almost impossible to receive funding to do scientific
research related to intelligent design," says Bruce Chapman, President of
Discovery Institute. "And, in addition to a lack of funding and resources,
it was clear that scientists working on intelligent design were facing more
and more persecution and harassment, making it difficult for them to
conduct research."
"So we started the Center, and now, just ten years later, we've put
over $4 million directly into scientific and scholarly research on
intelligent design and evolution."
In the last ten years the CSC has:

-- Supported research and writing by more than 50 scientists and scholars
in the sciences, social sciences and humanities.
-- Supported scientists and philosophers of science working on specific
journal articles, monographs, and books in such areas as biology,
biochemistry, cosmology, physics, probability theory, philosophy of
mind, and philosophy of science.
-- Financially supported a number of scientific and academic conferences,
including the International Symposium on the Origins of Animal Body
Plans in Chengjiang, China, the Nature of Nature conference at Baylor
University, and intelligent design conference at Yale University.


All style and no substance?

They have produced one single peer-reviewed article that can be considered an original contribution (Snokes & Behe, 2004) but even this paper has been questioned, it wasn't even a true ID article, just another attempt at falsifying a claim of evolution.

$4 million could keep me in research for probably my whole career (my research and I come cheap, haha), I'm sure it could keep half a dozen biologists researching for quite a few years.....they have produced one single flaky article and a multitude of books and other screeds.

10 years later, where's the science?

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posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 05:16 AM
There is no science in creationism, point.

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