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Lets have a PARTY!

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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 07:58 PM
Or better yet.
Let's MAKE a party, build it from the ground up.

Issues..What issues would we tackle?

Should we start with a top 10 list off issues?


War On Terror

am I asking for trouble here? LOL

What I'd like to do is create a hypothetical political party, that might address issues that are actually important to us, the voters.

Something that those of us here on ATS/PTS/BTS might all be able to get behind.
(ok, most of us anyway)

I know that there are already other parties besides the Elephant and the Donkey.
Maybe we could build our own? Including a a Canary, or a Wolverine.

Any takers?

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 02:12 PM
Oh man.

Nobody wants to make a new political party?

Someone better help, or I will make the mascot a Chicken.

Close the borders?
Crank em wide open? with discount coupons for anyone who enters?
Better border control?

War on drugs? keep fighting it?
Just don't allow imports?

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 07:17 PM
If it was my party and if it was my country?

Total abolition of the military. Send the soldiers home to their families. Destroy all military weapons. Promote peace, freedom and coexistence in other countries. Help poor and underdeveloped countries to gain knowledge, to build up their own micro-economies for basic things (like food) and slowly lead them into competition with the global market with their natural resources like minerals, metals, art, industry and manufactured goods.

Abolish all intelligence agencies and disclose all witheld files.

Fight lies and corruption, stop bureaucracy and officialism. Abolish bans, prohibitions and sanctions.

Spend a lot of money on education and scienctific research. Build schools, colleges and kindergardens. Make children strong and the center of the society. Encourage research on alternative energy sources, a better environment and world peace.

Legalize all drugs - and educate kids on what these drugs do.

Introduce a flat tax.

Encourage people to start silly projects, like inventing cars that work without oil. Work must pay out for the individual, and not be a modern form of slavery.

Build homes for the poor, not ghettos. Give them work and education, light and hope.

Promote the internet for everyone to form his opinion, to explain his opinion, to publish whatever he wants.

Strengthen the belief in a higher entitiy - be it the universe, Gaia, JHWH, Allah, The Force, Buddha, Einstein or the flying spaghetti monster. Everybody must have the right to exercise his belief, world view, conviction, opinion, creed and religion. Coexistence.

Welcome everyone who wants to join the club - be it refugees, people or whole countries and their territories. Convince the unwilling - not with promises, but with love and actions.

Rip down all prisons.

Have my perfect paradise and take over world domination. Mwhahahaha!

Seriously, though, I just thought I'd throw in a few topics and some very extreme views... and of course a little warning: fear the Hybris! Just look at the Greens in Germany: once, they were a peaceful resistance group, then they formed a party, then entered the Bundestag, then formed a coalition with the social democrats for a few years, betrayed many of their founding principles and - finally - even gave their OK for military intervention in Yugoslavia. Damn! Just because you have to compromise on EVERY topic. But hey, that's democracy.

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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 08:47 PM
Ok I will bite.
Here are some issues to deal with.
Reducing the tax burden on the working population.
Ensure that workers get a fair go without creating a system where unions hold a countrie to ransome.
An sustainable defence budget.
Accessible health care and education.

Any military or civilian leaders who are yes men will be removed from office. The focus would be on solutions rather then partisan bicking. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 01:36 PM
Thanks for the input so far.
I really do appreciate it.

taxes bug the crap out of me too.

Pay a lot, get in big trouble if you don't, yet there is a huge problem with accountability on the other end.

encouraging people to start "silly" projects..
I think I know what you mean by silly..developers get labled witht he nutty professor moniker, if they work on energy systems that may be outside the "norm".
Ny norm, I mean anything that can be metered, or taxed! LOL.

So I don't want to really argue points and ideas here..I'm hoping to collect a large number of ideas, and look for commonalities..Then go from there.
It may even lead us to a party that already exists..we'll see

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 12:41 AM
I forgot to list an couple of very import issues on my last post.
The development of alternative engery sources its time to end our reliance on Middle Eastern oil.
The government should have nothing to do with how people live there lives including defining what marriage is. Although the law should protect the likes of children and adults from ebuse and exploitation.
Cheers xpert11.

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 01:09 PM
I'd be interested, but only if the mascot can be a monkey. A monkey can be very witty and amusing at the same time.

I'd limit the platform planks to a handful, so we can take the time to develop cogent proposals.

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 01:33 PM
My Party= American Party
Symbol= Eagle
High Tax on Rich, low tax on poor/middle class.*

ABortion, according to bible you don't get your soul until you take your first breath so no problem and keep it legal.

War On Terror, keep it to domestic, don't invade other countries to create more terrorists. Also no illegal wiretaps, if they are illegal and you do it then you are a criminal!

War On Drugs, legalize and tax Marijuanna but keep the rest illegal. Marijunna has never killed anyone, unlike niccotine and alcohol. When a poll was done more then 90% of the people polled said the first drug they did was either niccotine or alcohol, not Marijunna, so those are the gateway drugs. Also people die of alcohol poisoning, never from THC overdose. Alcohol is thee mind altering drug, not Marijuanna.

Close borders, there are legal ways to get here take them! Support the Minutemen and help support the fence.**

Oil/Gas make it illegal to charge more then 200% then what it costs to make, so right now about 84 cents a gallon to make can't charge more then 1.68. Now to hawaii it costs a little more to ship but again can't charge more then 200%

Lawsuits, Make it illegal to file frivilous lawsuits and define what is frivilous. You buy food and get fat you can't sue the people you bought the food from. You try to kill your self and fail you can't sue the Advil company for not making Advil strong enough to kill yourself. You started smoking after it was known it caused cancer you can't sue, if you smoked before it was known it caused cancer then you can sue. You buy a plastic car and get in a car accident with a car made out of metal and are injured you can't sue the maker of the car since you decided to buy the foreign pos plastic fiberglass car.

Social Security, this is an easy one! Put money in it and don't take it back out! Republicans and Democrats have used SS as a bank account that they withdraw from when ever they want, recently it's been going to Halliburton by Republicans, but CLinton used it to fund his little mess in Kosovo. That easy, put money in and don't mess with it! Imagine taking one of the Trillion dollars the Pentagon has admitted to losing once Halliburton got it and put it into Social Security, it's saved!

FCC/Radio/TV Regulations. Sh**/F*** never hurt anyone. Yes they are edited, even on here, but they don't hurt anyone! I would make it legal to say this on TV. I don't mean making Seasame Street say it, I mean allowing say, Rescue Me to say it, or a race car driver to say it after his car runs like crap. I use that for example since RObby Gordon last year was fined for saying Sh** on live TV, as was Dale Junior. Also watching violence does not make you violent. If this was true there would have been no wars until TV, so WWI, Revolution, 7 Year, Napoleonic, The Kahns, The ROmans, no wars EVER until TV came. So go ahead, if you want someone to be shot in the face with a 12 Gauge shotgun on your show have it. People may not like it and not watch it but you won't be fined for it. Also, breasts are only taboo because you make it taboo. In Europe/Asia they aren't evil demon supporting monsters that turn innocent children into Ted Bundy and guess what? If you see them on TV you don't get fined, or make a big deal out of it. Again I don't mean forcing breasts to be seen on Seasame Street I mean if Rescue Me wants to show them then they can without being fined.

Video Games, same deal! I don't play WoW and go "Ok I'm going out and getting a sword so I can kill people for real!" If your kid is that messed up playing Doom didn't send them over the edge. No more fines, but still have ratings. If someone doesn't buy your game because of the violence then they don't buy it but it won't be banned by the government.

I am at the end, will start another post now!

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 01:48 PM
Religon, !TAXED! If a minister/priest can go on stage and scream "Vote Candidate X or you go to Hell!" They need to pay the same membership fee as every other American Ctizen. Also, I don't care if they are a priest, you molest children you go to jail. If the Vatican condems us I will declare war on them. They are a seperate nation, the smallest in the world, and if their citizens molest and rape MY citizens they will be forced to pay. if they interefere in this they will pay again.

Israel/Middle East. Stay out of this. If Israel decides they want to have the whole sandbox to themselves let them. If Iran decides to attack Israel let them. I am of the American Party, not the Middle East Party. Also, buy more oil from Canada/drill more at home.

Do Not Open ANWAR and instead let them drill around ANWAR. What many people don't know is ANWAR is not the only place in Alaska with oil. Most of Alaska is over a huge Oil feild, why Republicans refuse to drill on thousands of square miles of land where it is legal and continue to try and drill in ANWAR I can't understand. In fact, give companies discounts for drilling there and finally stop trying to drill in ANWAR. It would be like Washington D.C. being Alaska and the Lincoln Memorial being ANWAR and the oil field under all of Washington D.C. yet the Republicans refuse to drill anywhere else but the Lincoln Memorial.

*High tax On rich
WHy? If you make a billion dollars yet whine when you have to spend 1,000 dollars in taxes you need to be smacked. SOmeone who makes 20,000 a year should NOT be paying more taxes then a billionaire yet that is what happens with all the tax loop holes republicans and democrats have put into place. So erradicate about 90% of the tax loopholes so billionaires do not spend less then someone who makes minimum wage. Also, why the heck are billionaires spending 10 million on tax lawyers to get out of spending 10,000 in taxes! Like what the heck is wrong with you morons? Spend the 10,000 in taxes and save yourself the 10 million you normally spend on lawyers!!!!!

**Close Borders
Why? There are legal ways to get here, do them! If your first act upon entering this country is a crime you are a criminal! Support the Minutemen and Border Patrol by supporting a fence. I don't a mean a six foot high chain link fence, I mean a trench in front to keep them from driving through, followed by an 8 foot chain link fence with barb wire followed by a brick/cement/whatever material they use to make walls/fences with entrances at roads. Have stations every so many miles with guards/Minutemen patroling. Also, if you invade a country you get shot, so if they invade America(WHich is exactly what they are doing, no worse then the Germans in Poland) they will be treated as such. A crack down on hiring illegals, raiding Wal Marts and big chain stores and fining the companies millions if not billions depending on how many are found working for them. Use this money to help support the wall/deportation of illegals.

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 05:19 PM
Way to go HoorahUSMC!

Thanks for not only a contribution, but for including your reasoning for each one.

Thats a good idea, limiting the number of ideas..How many? Something under 10, I would imagine?

The PRIMATE PARTY. our Conventions will be swingin'

I dunno though, it's a little close to home.LOL

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 12:58 AM
Just 15 more years until I can run for President!

Also, more stuff...

Schools, teach science! No more "Well our religon says this so you better not teach science!" SOrry, go to church for religon, school for science. So no more Earth is 6,000 years old, or evolution is wrong just because it is a theory, same with Gravity and Relativity, so forth. Also, punishment! No more timeouts. Sorry, sitting in a corner is not punishment, a spanking or my idea of showing old baby pictures of the kid will keep them in line. Imagine a kid gets caught cutting class you show an old video of him potty training.

Minimum Wage, up! Or lower the price of things. You can't make people work for 5 dollars an hour selling things they can't buy! This leads to stealing from the store, low moral, and high turn over. If a kid works at Appliance TV Store and can't buy what they sell they are more likely to slack off becaus they think "I'm getting paid so little I can't even afford the batteries for the remote control for the TV I sell." For Fast Food places also raise prices not because they can't afford the food but to keep turn over low and to make it more appealing to Americans. If the job is desirable to an American it makes it less likely a Illegal Alien will get the job.

Guns, if you make guns illegal only criminals will have them. Keep a ban on assault weapons and fully automatic weapons unless they have a special license/permit. Increase punishment on gun crimes/illegal ownership. If you get 20-life for being caught with an illegal firearm you will be less likely to carry it or more likely to get it registered, something felons and so forth can't do.

Electronic voting machines, only if they leave a paper trail! Also make the machines hack proof. I don't mean Diebold's version where a chimpanzee can hack them, literally(There is a video of it) but hack proof. Make that if someone does open the control panel that it is registered and the votes from that machine tallied both electronically and paper to make sure there is no fraud like the past couple elections.

Freedom Of Speech, no more free speech zones! I can't believe people let this one go! They have made it that if you don't sign a paper that says you support Bush and won't make a ruckus/protest they ship you sometimes over a mile away in a caged in area they call "free speech zones". This is America, every place is a free speech zone! If the president curls up in a ball and cries out for his mommy while peeing his pants when someone disagrees with him to bad! This is America, you have the RIGHT to free speech!

Gay Marrige/rights. Gays have the right to be as miserable as every other married person. Besides, isn't it true that if you can't remember the last time you had sex with a woman you are either married or gay? So what's the big deal, neither marrige has sex involved. Also, this is America, everyone is treated equal, not "You are equal, as long as you aren't gay, or black, or jewish, or liberal, or a woman, and anyone else the people in power disagree with."

North Korea, diplomacy! Now that they have the bomb, thanks Bush and Co., diplomacy. Work with them and find out what it will take to keep them calm. if it is agreeable work with them. DOn't act like a big dog with a country that has the same big bone. If they want something like South Korea to become their slaves then you oppose but do it diplomatically and not physically.

Death Tax, this only applies to rich people so no problem. Also, even if you are rich it isn't that much. Your funeral will cost more then what the Death Tax takes unless your family really hates you and just throws your body in the local dump. People who are "I have 20,000 all together and I want to leave it to my family! how dare you take that!" Calm down, 20,000 will be mere cents in death tax.

More later, going to play WoW before going to bed.

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 07:50 PM
As a nation, there are several issues facing us. One major one is the fact that we have millions of older people who are getting to the point where thay can o longer work a 40 hour job, because of age and illness.

Now, I don't think it's the gov'ts job to take care of us, BUT...
Social Security is nearly bankrupt. To many people, that's all they have to rely on in their old age. Where will they sleep? Where will they eat?

Here's a proposal, not well thought out, I'll admit:

They must still pay taxes. But, starting at age 50, all taxes they pay are put away into a fund for them. The gov't matches it dollar for dollar. At age 62 they get a lump sum cashout. Everybody that makes less than $75K/yr is eligible.

This is in addition to getting their regular SS benefits.

Whaddya think?

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 04:52 AM

Similar to a 401k, but government sponsored?
Would it be managed by the feds, or do you think it would be better done privately?

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 05:45 AM

Originally posted by spacedoubt

Similar to a 401k, but government sponsored?
Would it be managed by the feds, or do you think it would be better done privately?

Well, the "similar to a 401K plan" is a good idea, imo, but it takes time to build up equity, so it is a little too late for many people. But for the younger people, I think that Bush's plan to be able to invest a portion of their SS benefits privately is a great idea. If the plan went into effect tomorrow, it would be a simple dollar for dollar match for those 50 and older.

I would opt for private management. They are the experts. The gov't, on the other hand, has much experience in spending money, not earning it.

What happens to those age 62 and older? Give them a lump sum of $1K/year of age, tax-free.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 02:20 PM
Well, I already gave my position of SS, and saved it. I just stopped using it as a bank account to fund wars like Kosovo and Iraq. Just take even a third of the money that has "disappeared" to Halliburton and it would save SS for the next 10,000 years. Unless you think a trillion could be spent that quickly.

Privatizing helps the corporations not the people. I am the American Party not the Corporation Party so do what is good for the American People not the Companies.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 04:42 PM

With the exception of Borders and Lawsuits, your party already exists..

They call themselves Democrats.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 06:59 PM
To Semper, someone who is a republican, and considers anything non-Bush to be bad by reading through his many posts on this great website.

No it doesn't semper, democrats are just as bad at using SS for a bank account. Also, if they are my party, are you saying focusing on America and not the world is a bad thing? Are you saying taking care of Americans, not the world, is a bad thing? Are you saying that my party, the American Party, is a bad thing?

Also, democrats refuse to let any drilling in Alaska, I will allow everywhere but in ANWAR while republicans refuse to drill anywhere but ANWAR.

Democrats are on board with the republicans about FCC and videogames, believing that bad words lead to rape and murder, same with watching violence in games and movies leads to Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer. These people were also after Janet Jackson because they to think that breasts on TV will make little Billy a psychopath.

Also, you are saying that restricting the Freedom of Speech is a good thing? That since both I and the democrats believe that the illegal free speech zones are a bad thing we are bad? Same thing with teaching science in schools and not religon?

Also, aren't democrats anti-gun? I am pro-gun, just anti-tanks, wmds, machine guns, and the like. I want to own a handgun or rifle and ok, I don't need a freaking tank or Apache helicopter and neither does any other civillian. Unless they have the right permits, which will keep felons and criminals from getting said weapons. I don't believe in making laws keeping guns from law abbiding citizens, I believe in making it harder for criminals to get guns and punishing the ones that do.

Oh, and you're saying me being against election fraud, like democrats, makes me bad? I want a paper trail on machines that can't be hacked, unlike Diebold machines where they have video of a chimpanzee hacking. Unless you are saying all republicans have a lower IQ then that of a chimp I think Diebold machines are hackable by a party the owner of Diebold is quoted saying he would give the election to Bush no matter what.

Also, don't the dems want more intervention in Israel, the butt buddies of the liberals? I want to leave that cluster to the Israels and Muslims. I am the American Party, not the Middle East Party. To keep the chaos in Middle East from affecting us I would buy more oil from Canada, Mexico, non-middle east countries and drill more in America, like Alaska but not in ANWAR, just the thousands upon thousands of square miles around ANWAR that have oil but aren't protected.

Also, do you agree with a billionaire paying less taxes then someone who makes less then 30,000 because his lobbyists got tax loopholes put in? Also, do you agree with billionaires spending 10million on lawyers to get out of spending 10,000 in taxes? Get rid of the loopholes to keep the rich from spending less than a person who makes 30,000.

Death Tax, don't mess with it but educate people on it! People have no idea what this is about. If you have a house, a car, and some money in the bank worth say, 160,000 altogether you would spend about 20 dollars in Death Tax when you died. Do commercials, stuff in newspapers, have pundits on TV talk shows, so forth explaining how the Death Tax works.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:45 PM

It would take me three hours to illustrate all of the inconsistencies in that reply!

Liberals are without a doubt the biggest Jew carpers on the planet. They enjoy that second only to Bush Bashing...

And your TAX analogy!!!! Again...

The FACT, yes FACT that the top 5 % of wage earners pay 95% of all taxes collected in the US faze you at all? Or is that just a statistical annoyance?

You had some things that deviated from the Democrat Norm, I was more referring to the overall intromission and the social effect of your indications. Not the specific articles mentioned.

However, I digress. I have posting to do on the research project, so you all will have to excuse me and form your parties within my absence.

Personally I thought the Simian party was an excellent idea.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:16 PM
Saw that coming..hehe

So what are the 10 platform planks as jsobecky referred to them?

Without editorializing, lets get the list together.


Those are 4 that I can think of off the bat..
What's funny to me, is looking at them listed together like that makes me realize how intertwined they are.

Once we get it together, then we can tackle them 1 at a time..

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:18 PM
Real quick,

Can we make that ...

"Drug Education and Reform"?

The other parties have shown us a Drug War will not work...

(I'm tired of losing friends)


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