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How I view the universe.

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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 05:54 PM
I gotta get these thoughts out there somehow, I have them written down and have thought long and hard about them, I thought i should share them.

Lets start by me saying, I believe in a soul, a unified conciousness that we are ALL part of which i consider to be god. I believe the universe was created by us as some sort of learning program.

Think about the universe as program, and think, a good program is a simple program, you don't want to un-nessecarily complicate things. This is also why I think there is ONE universe, not multiple etc etc.

I also feel reality/life itself is all a vibration. These different vibrations and energies differ in many ways giving things look, texture, sound and density.

Light is just a frequency of energy, our eyes absorb the energy and our brain tells us how to process it giving it depth and "colour" inside our head. Its all part of the EM spectrum, if light is energy and our eyes absorb energy, we could probably modify them to see other levels of energy too. We know that we have cameras that can pick up colour but they can also pick up things in higher frequencies like ultra-violet light, etc etc. Same with stuff on the low end like radio waves, we could probably modify a camera to see that too.

The same goes with sound, its a just a different frequency of vibrations too which our ears pick up and our brain processes. If you advanced knowledge of genetics, who's to say you couldnt modify a person to say... hear with their eyelids? It sounds silly but what i'm trying to say is i think its all vibrations and energy and our body determines how to process it.

My point is, its all energy and vibrations, everything. I think its a push/pull factor which distinguises things between solid and and not solid, we try to put our hand through a wall and the wall obviously won't let your hand through... I think this ties in with gravity and positive and negative charges.

The universe, simplified, I feel is 2 opposing forces. Positve and Negative, you cant have one without the other. They need to push against each other, or they just continue on in and endless direction, a ying and a yang, a perfect stability.

So we need to balance positive and negative, I think this can also be attributed to what we consider "good" or "evil"

Good = Acts of kindness, stabiltiy, co-operation, sharing etc etc, it can basically be summed up as "productive". If people are kind and work together they are productive, things get done, they create, heres your positive charge.

Evil = Acts of selfness/greed, hate, creation of fear and distrust. Basically, all these factors together are counter-productive to creation, things get destroyed, process is hindered, people die. Heres your negative charge.

So you got your positive and negative charges, you need both, I choose to live positively but I feel its necessary for some others to choose to live negatively and this doesnt bother me. I know that the more positive things are, the more negative things are bound to happen to balance it out. It just seems to work that way.

I kinda think their is also a part of this "code" or program which helps us learn from mistakes, not to be confused with punishment. But i guess you could call it karma. But from what I observe, when people think negative or do negative things, thats what they get, and they learn from it and think, thats bad, thats not what I want, although it takes others more time to learn. I've done some bad things and have had some bad things happen to me in return but within the past year i finaly said, I'm just going to think positively, always, and you know what? Not a single bad thing has happened to in a long time, things are good, people are good to me, I don't find myself in danger, i don't find things destroyed or stolen, and i don't find there is someone waiting to kick my ass when walking home at night.

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 05:55 PM
Ok continued…

so we have a basic code, one universe of vibrations and energy, positive and negative charges and in this code we have all these sub-routines that help us learn consequences of positive and negative actions.

I think the true power in the universe is thought and we can get what we really want, good or bad. Some people just think, I really want to get in a fight tonight..and if they really do, they usually manage to find one, whether they like it or not. Maybe that’s just the people I know ha.

Continued on positive and negative and how it relates to the universe. I like to think of it like math:

1 x 1 = 1
1 x -1 = -1
-1 x 1- = 1

we know in multiplication that a positive times a positive yields positive, a positive times a negative is negative and a negative times a negative equals a positive. Anyways, how I feel this is related, lets give a situation:

positive times a positive = positive
- you give someone a beer, that person likes you, you become friends, an overall positive experience, ha!, For you see, it makes you learn about sharing, acts of kindess and in the end you gain a friend, which makes it one more person who is willing to co-operate with you and its an overall productive experience is it not?

positive times a negative = negative

example: A positive/good person does something negative, like steal, or whatever, something that hurts someone. It is negative in both that it hurts someone in someway, and it also hurts yourself, a little black mark on your character, enough of these and you can’t be really considered a positive person any more can you?

And finaly, negative times a negative = positive

Two negative people who cause many people pain or hinder some sort of production in a society, they both decide to fight each other or something. They die, the world is rid of these burdens, which I guess to everyone would be positive would it not?

Combine this with this coded illusion of time we have and it makes events happen more linear and so we can take time to reflect on them. The more we understand the universe I think the more barriers get knocked down. In matters of time, I like to think of it as more spherical then linear, you can go anywhere. I believe in dimensions of a universe, as well, I think this gives a chance for a slower developing people/souls/planets/whatever to not get in the way of the more advanced, and vice versa. The whole, pick on someone your own size concept. We’ll never get anywhere or learn anything if a bunch of “know-it-alls” are making it difficult for us. This is why I think there are separate dimensions, I like to think of them as grades in this level of continuing education which I believe defines existence.

I guess that’s all for now so I’ll wrap it with this:
I know you might say, well this would yield a negative result or this is wrong, it would be positive and your probably right. But my point is, I think the universe is all a system of positive vs negative, (good vs evil), yin/yang etc etc, combined with energy and vibrations.

The code of the universe simplified:

+ vs -

which are made up of ~~~~~**** (vibrations and energy, I would define energy as conciousness too I suppose, I don’t know what determines what’s a soul but I imagine it would have to deal with how much energy and what kind it is, or maybe conciousness goes beyond that and conciousness created energy and the universe itself which I believe. If there’s a god, we, all things are all part of it I believe, right down to the sky and rocks.

that was long... ahh, I think i got all my thoughts out.

feel free to disagree and tear it to shreds!!

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 07:33 PM
Truly your thoughts are truth. I KNOW they are.

You are channeling God's mind - those are His thoughts - not man's (otherwise we'd be in better shape!) And if you have been given these thoughts it is because you have a pure heart and an honest tongue.

The universe HAS been out of balance. Totally. For this whole galactic 'season' - which is 13,000 years. The holocene period has been a season of 'death' (mortality) for the people because we corrupted the 'way' long ago in Atlantis....we made slaves out of animals we made part human and all the ills of the present age (which is at its end) are because of not loving one another and this world we were given.

Thoughts rule things. But we have been in a prison of things ruling thoughts (because we made 'things' that shouldn't be and ruled over them for greed's sake).

The balanced stack of the universe has been, for the last two ages:
-male & + female
+ male & - female

But now balance is returning and the judge is making verdicts (and right now Libra is ruling and Pluto has been killed - Pluto was hades and it rode on the chariot of death which was its moon Charon)....

That is why 'idolatry' is such a 'sin.' Because what it fundamentally means is that we create symbols with our thoughts but then we allow those symbols to rule us and it should not be that way. We become the rulers of our kingdom (when it is restored) by creating symbols for purposes that are righteous and good for all - with wisdom and true spiritual insight (which we have been denied for our crimes against the animal kingdom).

But the next age will be one of unity:

+ male & + female

Christ and the bride - both white with light and full of love - one bone, one flesh - alive with God's spirit instead of the spirit of a beast....

THAT is resurrection. Be prepared my friend...waking up is something that will BLOW your mind...

This week.

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 11:21 PM
Thanks, I hope so. I really hope things get better, and I hope to be around to see it. I have a feeling there will be a bit of a catastrophy before hand though and people will die. I am perfectly willing to die but I kinda want to see what happens next. If there comes a catastrophy and a choice is made of who is to be saved, I have a feeling i'm not one of them, just because I wouldnt mind giving someone my spot. We all die, that doesnt scare me, but I wanna see humanity fix itself before/if i'm chosen to go, then I'll feel it was a life worth lived. And thats really it isnt it. To live life to its fullest. I admit, i'm not the greatest human specimen. I have a pretty big interest in the sciences but I never did too well at school because it wasn't interesting enough for me. But i don't need it. I can live my life fine without it. I want to be free, I want to be my own boss, own a bar, make people happy, help people when I can, and be free to come and go as I please, that to me is a life well lived. And thats my plan for this life. There are greater things that interest me but I feel its just not time for me to learn them. I also want to die as poor as possible and happy as possible, i'm happy owning nothing. You know, I really hope we as a race get rid of money in our lifetime, we dont need it. And its ruining things. Get rid of money, everyone learns to co-operate, everyone learns to say thank you once in a while,(its not hard). And you got a well functioning society. That and maybe a little excercise would get us in the right shape.

Anyways, I'm too tired to go on more, It will probably make less and less sence as I continue. Thanks for your reply and kind words.

I'm off to bed to recharge my brain! The organic battery for this machine we call bodies.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 09:33 AM
Ha, i took a read of my last comment, ignore that bable, that was some other thoughts comming through, you mentioned an end of an age and I went with it. Its not really on topic of what I was saying.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Great post!

I disagree on a few things but all in all a great thread.

The journey is far more important than the goal.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:31 PM
I do agree with your view about energy and vibrations. I too think that everything is just a vibration. everything has its own tuned frequency, that gives its characteristics. This has also been studied in quantum physics. There are no atoms, no molecules, just vibrational waves of energy. I like this explanation of the universe, it's simplicity is beautiful.

thanks for your thoughts

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