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Will the Iraqis army ever be ready?

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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 10:30 AM
I don't follow the Iraqis war as much as I probably should, but one question I never seem to see answered ( non-political version anyways ) , is whether or not the troops will be coming home anytime soon.

Yes I have heard and read about the allotted time frame the troops would have to remain, but still wonder with all the deaths if any progress is being made.
In relation to progress, the Iraqis military comes to mind. Are they acquiring enough troops to maintain peace in the land.
I read a few articles on line and have found, based on their story's, that it will be a long time coming, if at all.

Iraqi Soldiers input:

"We don't want to take responsibility; we don't want it," said Amar Mana, 27, an Iraqi private whose forehead was grazed by a bullet during an insurgent attack in November. "Here, no way. The way the situation is, we wouldn't be ready to take responsibility for a thousand years."

American Soldiers Input:

" But from the ground, I can say with certainty they won't be ready before I leave. And I know I'll be back in Iraq, probably in three or four years. And I don't think they'll be ready then".

Are the troops being trained going to be adequate soldiers to 'hold there own'? Not to discount the Iraqis competence or plight for freedom, but the training provided by USA military does not seem to be working

"Level one" means the battalion is able to fight on its own; "level two" means it requires support from U.S. troops; and "level three" means it must fight alongside U.S. troops.

According to the Congressional mandated Iraq security report released Friday, there are 53 Iraqi battalions at level two status, up from 36 in October. There are 45 battalions at level three, according to the report.

In the same article, it states how a level one battalion was downgraded to level two, no reason given.

Are there any troops currently at Level One status???

I find this rather hard to swallow, as the monetary as well as human loss is increasing substantially every day. Is it really worth it?
Yes, everyone will say its because of the long sought after oil, but in respect to what is actually down on paper ( for what its worth ), the reasoning for being there and staying there does not seem worthy anymore.

Will the Iraqis army ever be able to stand on their own, or will coalition forces ALWAYS be there?


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