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Your Stance On The Issues

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 04:24 PM
I've recetly been doing some research on congressional candidates and 2008 Presidential candidates, and I've fund a plethora of different issues, and I started thinking it would be interesting to see where everyone stands on the issues.

So, here is a comprehensive list of relevant issues, and some not so
relevant ones that I've seen discussed by various candiates.

-Affirmative Action
-Climate Change
-Compulsary Militar Service
-Continuance of The Electoral College
-Corporate Influence on Politics
-Creationism Taught In Schools
-Death Penalty
-Dieing With Dignity
-Drinking Age
-Drug legality
-Flag Burning
-Gay Marriage
-Gays & The Miliary
-Gun Rights
-Iraq War
-Labour Unions
-Patriot Act
-Prayer In Schools
-Seperation of Church & State
-Social Security
-Spreading Democracy
-States Rights
-Term Limits
-Universal Healthcare
-Transportation & Infrastructure
-War on Terrorism

So, state your opinion on the above issues, and which if any will
effect whom you vote for in both the congressional elections,
and the 2008 presidential election.

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 06:16 PM
I'm ProChoice, and belive that a woman should be able to have an
abortion, without having to go through the psychological stuff if it's
before the third month of pregnancy.
I think that at the point that the baby can be grown outside the womb,
than if the woman does'nt want the cild, than she should be able to
have a procedure to have the baby removed, and the baby would be
grown outside her, and be put up for adoption at the correct time.

Affirmative Action
I don't believe that Affirmative Action is the right chice in the
majority of situations, and that only the government can decide
when it is appropriate.
In essence schols can't do it without permision from the Department
of Eeucation, of which would ave t form an inquiry into it.

China is in my opinion one of the geatest threats to Democracy,
Freedom, Justice and Peace.
We must put sanctions on them, and do whatever it takes to keep
them from becoming a true Suer Power country, atleast while they
are a Lenninist country with the many human rights violations they

Climate hange
Climate Change is one of the greatest threats to not only our contin-
as a country, but as a species, and as such needs t be dealed with
I believe we need to as quickly possible transfer from fosil fuels to
clean and renewable energy sources.
We should also do as much as possible to try and reverse the effects
that we have thus far caused.

Compulsary Military Service
While I don't believe in the draft, I do believe in two years compulsary
military training & service.
However, I do not believe that people should have to go to war as
part of their service.

Continuance of the Electoral College
It is in my opinion that originally the Electoral College was useful,
but it has since become useless and should be done away with.

Corporate Influence on Politics
Corporations have far to much influence on politics and politicians.
Corporations should not be allowed to donate money to politicians or
their campaigns, and politicians should not be allowed to accept gifts
or money from corporations.

Creationism Taught In Schools
Creationism is a Christian/Catholic belief, and as such has no place in
public schools, as it violates the seperation of Church & State.

Death Penalty
I do not believe in the death penalty, and as such believe it should be
done away with, the philosophy of an eye for an eye is a bad one.
You also have the chance that an innocent person may be killed.
As well as the fact that even though a person may have commited a
horrendous crime(s), they can be rehabilitated, and work to atone for
their crimes.

Dieing With Dignity
If a person is suffering from a painful disease, and their is little or no
chance of them getting better, and they are slowly and painfully dieing,
than they should be allowed to die with dignity, or in other words a
quick and painless death.

I do not believe in forcing a person to fight ina war if they do not wish
It is a violation of multiple rights, and does not help the country in any

Drinking Age
It is in my opinion that thew drinking age should be lowered to 18.
It makes no since that you can legally purchase and use ciggarettes,
view and be in pornography and even decide the fate of the country
at 18, but you can't purchase or consume alcohol until you're 21.

Drug Legality
Drugs should be legalised, though like ciggarettes, there shuld be a
minimum age of 18.
The same laws we use for crimes commited under the influence of
alcohol would work with drugs.
As long as people are responsible, and do not drive or commit a crime,
they're is no issue with people consuming drugs, as long as they know
the negative and positive short term and long term effects.

An education is one of the building blocks of a free and democratic
The current state of the educational system is appalling, and many
measures need to be taken to improve it.
Every legal citizen should be entitled to a full education, regardless of
their financial status.

Flag Burning
Although some may disagree with it and indeed find it offensive, it is
freedom of expression, and freedom of expression should never be
hind-ered, unless it puts the safety of the public at risk.
I do not support the burning of the flag, though I belive people have
the right to do it.

Gay Marriage
Their is no reaons two people should be denied the right to marry just
because they are the same gender.
People should be given the full rights of marriage as are enjoyed by
heterosexual couples.

Gays In The Military
A person who wishes to serve their country should not have to keep
their sexuality a secret if they do not wish to.
Just because someone is homosexual,, does'nt mean they are not as
good at things as a heterosexual person.
The current "Don't ask Don't tell" policy is apaling, and needsa to be

Gun Rights
The constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms, or in other
words to own guns.
The regulations and bans of the last few decades are a blatant
show of disregard of that constitutionally guaranteed right and
should be repealed immediately.
A person should not have to go through precise time consuming
registra-tion either, a person should only have tpo register that they
own a gun, not what kind or how many they own.
Though the intentional use of a gun to commit a crime should be
given a heavy fine along with a slightly worse sentence.

Iraq War
The Iraq war is both completely unjustified, and one of the greatest
blunders we've ever been lead into.
I believe we should not be there, however I do realise that an imme-
diate pullout within a years time is a bad idea, and very dangerous.
We should be pulling out troops back home, but at a regulated pace.
I believe we should over a five year period start bringing our troops
back home.

Israel is one of greatest destabilising sources in the Middle-East,
and proving not to be a country we should be allied with.
We need to stop giving the Israeli government/military money.
We must disarm them of their nuclear weapons.
We must not ally oursleves so closely with Israel.
We msut not allow crimes commited by the Israeli government/
military to go
Though Israel does have a right to defend itself, as does every
country, there are limits to that.

Labour Unions
Labour Unions are in principal a good idea, but they must be
held up to scrutiny and forced to be transparent.

Outsourcing has become one of the greates disasters of our
We must not allow companies to exist in our country, or have
our government buy their products if they outsource more than 70%
of their overall jobs outside this country.

Patriot Act
The Patriot Act simply should not be allowed to continue.
When its time comes to have it renewed, it should not be.

Prayer In Schools
Requiring prayer of any kind in schools for any reason should not be
allowed, as it gos against the seperation of chrurch and state.

We should not be paying out reparations to the descendants of people
who rightfully would have gotten them.

Seperation of Church & State
Seperation of Church & State is something that is an important part of
our government, and needs to be enforced more than it currently is.

Social Security
The current social security system is not working, and need vast refroming.

Spreading Democracy
I believe that it is our duty to spread democracy to all parts of the world,
however we cannot do this by force.
We must non-violently spread democracy.

Term Limits
Just as the Presidency had term limits, so to should the congress and Supreme
By doing this we can make the ogvernment more for the people, and less for

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 08:29 PM
-Abortion - Anti-aborition, Pro-Choice
-Affirmative Action - I'm ok with it as long as people use it
-Climate Change - It's happening. It may be a few years, but we're screwing up the Earth
-Compulsary Military Service - Against
-Continuance of The Electoral College - Against
-Corporate Influence on Politics - Very Against
-Creationism Taught In Schools - pffft! Against
-Death Penalty - Against
-Dieing With Dignity - I support it strongly
-Draft - Nope
-Drinking Age - Don't care
-Drug legality - Legalize recreational drugs
-Education - Uh... I'm for it?

-Flag Burning - Support all manner of Free Speech
-Gay Marriage - Support
-Gays & The Miliary - Who cares?
Not me.
-Gun Rights - Support 2nd Amendment
-Iraq War - Against it
-Labour Unions
-Outsourcing - Against it
-Patriot Act - Against it
-Prayer In Schools - Against it
-Reparations - Against it
-Seperation of Church & State Support it (See prayer in schools)
-Social Security
-Spreading Democracy - Against it. Let's use ours right first
-States Rights - Support them
-Term Limits - Support them
-Universal Healthcare
-Transportation & Infrastructure
-War on Terrorism - Same as War on Drugs - it's useless.

I support the Constitution and personal liberties. And no one issue would win my vote. I'd have to weigh them all.

Good thread.

posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 08:55 PM
Abortion-It's murder.
Affirmative Action-Reverse Racism
China- Must be watched closely
Climate Change-Totally natural, nothing man has done to change it.
Compulsary Military Service-Against, only people for it so far, are Democrats.
Continuance of Electoral College-For it.
Corporate Influence on Politice-Free Speech issue
Creationism Taugh in Schools-Should be taught along with the other theories.
Death Penalty-Yes! with less appeal time.
Dieing with Dignity- What? As opposed to dieing without dignity?
Draft- No, yet again I have only seen Democrats supporting this.
Drinking Age- 21 is fine.
Drug Legality-Opposed.
Education- More privatization.
Flag Burning-I agree with a Maximum penalty for assaulting a flag burner...$25 to be donated to the nearest Veterans Home.
Gay Marriage-I don't support Gay Marriage, Pet Marriage, Polygamy etc....
Gun Rights- Support
Iraq War- Support
Israel- Support
Labor Unions- Against, GO Wal-Mart!
Outsourcing- Private Business Matter
Patriot Act- Support
Prayer in Schools- As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in Schools!
Reparations- Against
Seperation of Church and State- For it as stated in the Constitution- It's freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion
Social Security- I'm for partial privatization.
Spreading Democracy- For it.
States Rights- For it.
Taxes- Lower taxes for EVERYONE that pays taxes!
Term Limits - opposed-even for the President
Universal HillaryCare- opposed
Transportation and Infrastructure- less government more private business involvement
War on Terrorism- For it!

One more....

Internet gaming- For it!

posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 09:50 PM
If your not prepared for a child, and are forced to bring the child into the world, the only person that will suffer is the child, for most of there life. Without money to feed, educate and give a healthy happy lifestyle there life will be hindered before day 1.

Worth worrying about, but in the end a valuable economic partner, and thus.. ignorance can and will be utilised.

-Climate Change
Unfortunately real, mistakenly ignored.. and regretably my, and your fault.

-Compulsary Militar Service
Good and bad, maybe define it a bit more. If your employed by age 18, with a career ambition awesome, if not. You are required to by law enter the military.

-Corporate Influence on Politics
Corporations are the one concept of mankind that is slowly killing our way of life.

-Death Penalty
Needed, in justified situations.

-Dieing With Dignity

Nessecary if needed.

-Drinking Age
Should remain as is.

-Drug legality
Hmm, if you grow a plant in your backyard and enjoy a joint in your home, where's the harm?

The foundations of our world, should be priority number 1.

-Flag Burning
If you feel compelled to burn a flag, expect the consequences of a nation disagreeing.

-Gay Marriage
Homosexuality isnt natural, it shouldnt be allowed. Its no differnt than sleeping with family members. Its just not cricket!

-Gays & The Miliary
Brave for admitting it. In my mind, it will be discovered that there is a chemical within the brain that induces homosexual enjoyment.
some will class this as proof as them being different or odd. I class it as being a chemical imbalance.

-Gun Rights
removing them mightnt bring world peace, but school massacres would surely cease.

Allowed a state of there own, but not at the expense of palestinians.

-Iraq War
Illegial - no matter how you explain it

-Patriot Act
Reminds me of 1940's Germany.

-Prayer In Schools
Should be enforced.
Give the students 20minutes book time, and if some students feel the need to pray, they can utilise this time for that.

-Seperation of Church & State

the 2nd most important priority.

- Transportation and Infrastructure
Vulnerable, but unforuntaely unabel to secure.

-War on Terrorism
clouded in secrecy, and coverups

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