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Eco-friendly Audio Communications Device

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 12:59 PM
Yet another great technological development from the
Land of the Rising Sun.

The 2006 Good Design Award for Ecology Design goes to Aimulet LA,
a batteryless, light-activated handheld audio communication device
with an outer shell made from molded bamboo.
The environmentally friendly communication terminal was designed
by the Information Technology Research Institute at Japan’s National
Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Aimulet LA is designed to be held up to your ear like a cellphone.
When you stand over special LED emitters set into the ground, Aimulet
LA receives the light signals via an array of spherical micro solar cells
set into the bottom of the handset. Aimulet LA translates the signals into
audio messages that are transmitted through a tiny speaker in the

According to AIST, the technology at work in Aimulet LA can be put to
use in public spaces such as outdoor exhibits and events, amusement
facilities, train stations and parks, where it can be used in interactive
media or entertainment. In addition, the low cost of the device means
it could also double as an entrance ticket, annual pass or ID card.

Pink Tentacle

This is IMO, one of the greatest technology developments in the last
few years.
This really shows we can develop environmentaqlly friendly technology
without giving up useability.

Comments, Opinions?


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