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Bell sucks @$$

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 07:28 PM
We ordered Bell's high speed internet access.
For the first month we had pretty good connections. About 3ms delay to google, and downloading at around 3 megs a second. (The cap is 5).

Then out of the blue, our connection completley dropped to hell.
We were pinging google at about 250 ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And downloading files at a maximum of about 3 K's a second. Thats .003 Megs, which is one thousandth of the original speed!!!!!

We contacted them, and they tried to convince us first that our signal is fine and the issue is on our PC's end.

What they don't know is both me and my roommate worked for broadband internet companies.

We then told them our traceroute results.

The tech stammered for a bit. Then tried to tell us that the whole thing is an issue with the wiring of our apartment.

We REMINDED him that the traceroute clearly shows the connection failing well within their servers. And that our connection to the first couple of servers, also theirs, was well within the expected 3ms delay time.

After half an hour of this crap, he finally logged a ticket for service on our line, and told us to try again in a week.

--- one week later ---

300 ms F***ING DELAY TIME... and now it's got an average of 25% packet loss!!!!!!!!!!

We called back, and they did the SAME thing AGAIN! They blamed our PC first... then the wiring of our apartment... then TRIED to CLAIM that our PHONE service is screwing up the internet... GUESS WHAT!!!! WE DONT HAVE A LAND LINE, WE ONLY HAVE CELLPHONES!!!!

Luckily our cellphones are not with Bell.

Well, they've tried again to tell us theres nothing they can do about it. And we will have to put up with the poor service.

I'm sorry, but my old 33.6 dialup modem was capable of 30ms delay times, and 3 k downloads... which at this point, the "High Speed" internet was failing to compare to.

After speaking with the supervisor, who tells us we cannot be re-imbursed for the lack of service, no matter how long it goes on for, we finally told them either the issue is fixed before the next payment period, or we cancel our service and go with Rogers.

So they have a week, starting yesterday.


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